US, Canada: Positive Outlook for Obama Presidency

January 20, 2009

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Most Americans think many of the top national issues – including the economy, healthcare, education, the Iraq war and energy -? will improve over the next four years with President Barack Obama in office, according to a pre-inauguration survey by HCD Research.

The study, which was conducted January 13-15 among 3,772 participants representing the the top three political parties and those who are not registered, was undertaken to obtain Americans’ perceptions of President-elect Barack Obama and how they feel his presidency will affect top US concerns.? Not surprisingly, it found that Democrats, in particular, think things will improve more once Obama takes office.

Among the findings:

  • ?58% of all survey participants think the economy will improve under Obama. Among Republicans, 37% believe the economy will improve, while an equal number believe it will get worse.
  • 44% of Americans think healthcare coverage will improve.? Among Democrats, 61% agree, while only 19% of Republicans say the same.
  • 39% of Americans think the educational system will improve overall, while 36% say it will say the same.? Broken down by party, 54% of Democrats believe it will improve, while 47% of Republicans believe it will stay the same.
  • 59% believe the situation regarding the war in Iraq will get better. Again, Democrats are more optimistic, with 68% agreeing that things will improve (vs. 44% of Republicans).
  • Nearly half (46%) of Americans overall believe the issue of energy supply and creation will improve under Obama.


Canadians Hopeful for America

On the topic of Obama’s presidency, additional research from Ipsos shows that most Canadians (86%) agree that the Obama presidency gives them “great hope for the future of America and the world,” while just 14% disagree that this is the case.

Ipsos also found that two thirds (65%) of Canadians believe the relationship between Canada and the US will be better for Canadians with Obama vs. Bush, but most believe overall issue progress will stay the same rather than get better.

About the HCD survey: Participants were asked questions on these top issues and how they perceive each issue will or will not change over the next presidency, as well as detailed questions specific to their perceptions of President-elect Barack Obama. After the Inauguration airs on January 20, survey registrants will be asked the same questions to see if the Inauguration had any affect on their perceptions of Barack Obama and his presidency.


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