Mobile Data Offload to Grow 47%

April 5, 2011

juniper-mobile-traffic-apr-2011.JPGThe amount of global data traffic being offloaded from smartphones, feature phones and tablets to complementary fixed-device networks will grow about 47% from its 2010 level of 43.1% to an anticipated 2015 level of 63.25, according to a new whitepaper from Juniper Research. Data from “Balancing the Mobile Data Load” indicates that Western Europe will provide the largest amount of offloaded mobile data traffic in 2015, followed by North America and the Far East and China.

Africa and the Middle East and Central/Eastern Europe will provide smaller amounts of offloaded mobile data, with still less significant amounts generated by Latin America, the Indian Subcontinent, and the rest of Asia-Pacific.

Developed Markets to Have Highest Mobile Offload Factor

Not surprisingly considering how much offloaded mobile data traffic they are expected to generate, Juniper predicts developed markets such as Western Europe and North America will have the highest offload percentage factor throughout the next four years, reaching respective rates of 76% and 74% by the end of 2015.

Developing Markets to Have Highest CAGR

While developed markets will lead in mobile offload factor, Juniper predicts developing markets will have the highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of offloaded mobile data traffic between now and 2015. For example, Juniper expects the Indian Subcontinent to have a CAGR of 137.8%, and Latin America and Africa/Middle East to have a CAGR of 126% each.

Mobile Data Offloading Faces Challenges

Despite predictions for substantial near-term growth of offloaded mobile data traffic, Juniper still identified several major challenges to its development. These include the need for WiFi networks to provide seamless user connections, legal and regulatory issues in different markets, and the need for innovative marketing by mobile network operators.

Nielsen: 3 in 10 US Consumers Plan 4G Purchase

The explosive growth of 4G wireless devices and networks worldwide is a chief driver of what Juniper expects to be a sharp increase in offloaded mobile data traffic. For example, almost three in 10 US consumers surveyed said they were planning on buying a 4G device within the next 12 months, according to recent data from The Nielsen Company. While there’s not yet data to suggest how many of those subscribers will actually purchase a 4G device in the next year, executing a purchase contract is a simple matter.


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