Men, Youth Respond Most to In-Stream Video Ads

April 3, 2013

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AdoTube-In-Stream-Video-Ad-Response-by-Gender-in-2012-Apr2013An analysis by AdoTube of more than 9,500 in-stream video ad campaigns and nearly 13.5 billion impressions from across the world last year reveals that men responded more to ads than women, with a 17.6% higher click-through rate (CTR; 2.81% vs. 2.39%), an 8.4% higher engagement rate (3.11% vs. 2.87%) and a 3.3% higher completion rate (62% vs. 60%). The study also reveals that there was little gender difference in responsiveness to overlays, but that men were far more engaged with full-stream units.

Of course, the results differed by vertical. For example, females had a 28% higher CTR than males for CPG content, a 19% higher CTR for fashion content, and an 11% higher video completion rate for retail content.

Men proved more responsive to verticals such as gaming (52% higher CTR and 35% higher engagement rates), sports (56% higher engagement rate) and electronics (17% higher video completion rate).

The analysis also uncovers significant differences between young (18-34) and older (55+) consumers. Compared to the 55+ group, 18-34-year-olds delivered an 18.8% higher average CTR (2.78% vs. 2.34%), an 18% higher engagement rate (3.14% vs. 2.66%), and a 7% higher video completion rate (61%). The results also show that while 35-54-year-olds trailed the 18-34 group in CTR and engagement rate, they were closer to their younger than older counterparts in performance.

Breaking down the age demos into favored verticals, the AdoTube report indicates that compared to the 55+ crowd, 18-34-year-olds had a 34% higher CTR for CPG content, 83% higher CTR for real estate content, and a 43% higher engagement rate for electronics content.

The 55+ group, though, demonstrated a 12% higher CTR for government content than the younger demos (18-54), a 25% higher engagement rate than the 18-34 group with communications content, and a 4% higher video completion rate for alcohol content than their younger counterparts.


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