Consumers Continue to Have Little Trust in Advertising Practitioners’ Ethical Standards

December 28, 2015

Gallup-Honest-Ethical-Standards-Professions-Dec2015Source: Gallup

    Notes: Just 1 in 10 US adults rate the honestly and ethical standards of advertising practitioners as high or very high, according to a Gallup poll, on par with last year’s results (10%) but down from 2013 (14%). In fact, adults this year were about 4 times as likely to rate advertising practitioners’ honesty and ethical standards as low or very low (39%) as they were to rate them as being high or very high (10%).

    The only professionals that advertising practitioners outweighed in the ratings were car salespeople (8% rating as having high or very high honesty and ethical standards), members of Congress (8%), telemarketers (8%) and lobbyists (7%).

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        About the Data: The results are based on telephone interviews conducted Dec. 2-6, 2015, with a random sample of 824 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia. For results based on the total sample of national adults, the margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.


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