These Are Perceived to be the World’s Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers in 2022

September 28, 2022

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CMOs in the US are expected to boost their spending on marketing research and intelligence by 10.5% in the coming year, according to the most recent edition [pdf] of The CMO Survey. So which insights suppliers might they find the most innovative projects with? The latest GRIT report [download page] takes a look.

In order to find out which market research suppliers are considered the most innovative this year, respondents to the GRIT report survey were asked to name companies on an unaided basis. The analysts developed a list of more than 1,500 unique companies from the 6,108 total responses, and then coded 103 companies with at least 5 mentions.

Below are the top 10 insights suppliers, ranked by the number of mentions in the interviews, along with breakouts for particular categories.

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Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers in 2022

Behaviorally is the only new entrant to the top 10 this year, with other firms swapping places in the list. The top 10 overall (with changes from 2021) are as follows:

  1. Dynata (up from #8)
  2. Ipsos (down from #1)
  3. Kantar (down from #2)
  4. Hotspex (down from #3)
  5. Nielsen (down from #4)
  6. SKIM Group (up from #7)
  7. Dig Insights (up from #9)
  8. Qualtrics (down from #6)
  9. Behaviorally (up from #11)
  10. Zappi (no change)

The report’s authors note that an accompanying analysis of what makes suppliers perceived to be innovative included terms such as “platform,” “tool,” and “data,” and that those suppliers considered to be “technology-led” tend to be benefiting from more brand awareness.

Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers, By Category

Data Analytics

The top 5 providers are:

  1. Dynata (up from #4)
  2. Kantar (down from #2)
  3. Nielsen (down from #1)
  4. NAILBITER (up from #17)
  5. Hotspex (up from #6)

Full Service Research Agency

The top 5 providers are:

  1. Ipsos (unchanged)
  2. Kantar (unchanged)
  3. SKIM Group (up from #4)
  4. Hotspex (down from #3)
  5. Dynata (up from #21)

Qualitative Research

The top providers are:

  1. QualSights (debut)
  2. Voxpopme (down from #1)
  3. Remesh (down from #2)
  4. Ipsos (down from #3)
  5. Dynata (up from #18)

Strategic Consulting

The top providers are:

  1. Shapiro+Raj (up from #6)
  2. Hotspex (no change)
  3. Dig Insights (up from #20)
  4. Behaviorally (no change)
  5. Material (down from #1)


The top providers are:

  1. Qualtrics (unchanged)
  2. quantilope (up from #5)
  3. Zappi (down from #2)
  4. Recollective (up from #7)
  5. QualSights (debut)

The full report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Rankings are based on 2,701 completed interviews with insights buyers or clients (402), insights providers or suppliers (2,275), and others (24).


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