How Do Full Service Research Suppliers Feel About Generative AI?

November 3, 2023

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Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to radically impact a number of areas in marketing, with market research being a key area among those. So how to market research firms feel about AI, and to what extent are they looking to adopt the latest technologies? The latest edition [download page] of the Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report offers some answers.

The report is based on a survey of 2,100 insights professionals, including 1,753 who work at supplier firms. Among these supplier types, full service research firms are the most heavily represented and form the basis for the following highlighted survey results.

More than 6 in 10 respondents at full service research firms indicate that their expected company position on business use of generative AI is positive, either in terms of strongly advocating for adoption (32%) or recommending adoption (31%).

Examining where AI would have a “major” positive impact at work, full service research firm respondents point to code writing or software development (45%) first, followed by knowledge management across areas (35%), report writing (35%), miscellaneous common tasks (34%) and insight development/creation (29%). Fewer (23%) see AI as having a major positive impact on primary research execution.

Among the 700 insights professionals surveyed at full service research firms, more than one-third (36% share) say they’re currently using generative AI, with an additional 38% currently trying it out. As such, about three-quarters of these firms are either using or trying out generative AI. The most common ways in which generative AI tools are being used at full service research firms is to supplement processes in professional work (68%), while half as many (34%) say that these tools have replaced processes in professional work.

Indicating the future potential of these solutions, fully 72% of respondents at full service research firms say that they will integrate the latest AI-tech into their products and services. Interestingly, despite this enthusiasm for innovating with AI, far fewer (23%) believe that competitors’ AI-enabled products/services are a significant threat. (Perhaps they will become more so over time…)

As regards innovation, full service research suppliers say that their organizations invest in innovation primarily through staff dedicated to new ways of doing things (64%), by collaborating with expertise from businesses (50%), and by quickly adopting new analytical tools (47%).

For more, download the report here.


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