SocNet Usage Rises in Feb.

March 22, 2010

On average, global web users across 10 countries spent roughly five and a half hours on social networks in February 2010, up more than two hours from February 2009, according to The Nielsen Company.

Italians, Australians Spend Most Time on SocNets
Web users in Italy spent the most average time on social networks last month, six hours, 27 minutes and 53 seconds. Australian web users came in a close second with six hours, 25 minutes and 21 seconds. US web users ranked third in the average time they spent visiting social networks, with six hours, two minutes and 34 seconds.


No other country’s web users spent an average of more than six hours on social networks last month. Web users in the UK spent an average of just less than six hours, five hours, 50 minutes, and 56 seconds, enough to be ranked fourth overall. Average social networking time then dropped off to four hours, 50 minutes, and 49 seconds for Spanish web users. Web users in 10th-ranked Japan averaged two hours, 37 minutes and seven seconds on social networks in February 2010.

US Accounts for Almost Half of SocNet Traffic
Overall, the active unique audience to social networks grew nearly 30%, from 244.2 million in February 2009 to 314.5 million in February 2010. In the US, the average active social network unique audience grew 22.8%, from 115 million in February 2009 to 149 million in February 2010. US social network users accounted for 47.3% of all global social network traffic last month.


Facebook Dominates Social Networks
Facebook was clearly the most popular social network globally in February 2010. Facebook’s reach extended to 52% of active social network users, and the site averaged 19.16 sessions per person and time spent of five hours and 52 minutes per person.


In contrast, MySpace came in a distant second with a reach extending to 15% of active social network users, 6.66 average sessions per person, and average time spent per person of fifty-nine minutes and 33 seconds.

Marketers Recognize SocNet Potential
Reflecting the rapid explosion in the popularity of social media sites among consumers, a combined 80% of marketers currently use social media or plan to in the future, according to a new study from marketing technology provider Unica. Forty-seven percent of marketers currently use social media. Another 23% plan to use it in the next 12 months, and 10% plan to use it in more than 12 months. Only 11% have no plans to use social media, and 9% are not sure. Comparing US and Canadian marketers with their European counterparts, the study reveals that a much higher percentage of marketers in North America (58%) currently use social media than marketers in Europe (34%).


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