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Social networking exhibits more marketing differentiation in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China) than in other global regions, according to comScore World Metrix data.

Slightly more than half (50.8%) of the total Asia-Pacific online population 15 and older, or 240.3 million people, visited a social networking site in February 2010. Each visitor averaged 15.1 minutes and spent an average total of 148.9 minutes social networking during the month.


Philippines, Australia, Indonesia Lead Asia-Pacific Social Networking
The Philippines is the clear social networking leader in the Asia-Pacific region, with 90.3% of Filipino internet users 15 and older visiting a social networking site during February 2010. The Philippines also led in average social networking minutes per visitor (332.2) and average visits per visitor (26.3).

Australia trailed close behind the Philippines in social networking reach (89.6%), but was further behind in average minutes per visitor (228) and average visits per visitor (20.9). Indonesia had a slightly lower social networking reach than Australia (88.6%), but higher average minutes per visitor (324.4) and average visits per visitor (22.6).

No other individual Asia-Pacific market averaged more than 300 monthly visits per visitor during February 2010. At the other end of the scale, Japan ranked last in social networking reach (42.3%), while Vietnam ranked last in average minutes per visitor (49.5) and average visits per visitor (7.2). No other individual market averaged less than 130.1 average minutes per visitor or less than 13 average visits per visitor (India’s averages for the month)

Facebook Top SocNet in Most Asia-Pacific Markets ranked as the top social network across the majority of individual markets in the region. Eight of the markets – Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Vietnam, preferred Facebook, while in other countries competing brands captured the top position. Local players led in Japan ( and South Korea (CyWorld), while Google-owned Orkut ranked as the top social networking site in India and Yahoo’s led in Taiwan.


Overall, 14.9% of Asia-Pacific social networkers used Facebook during February 2010. Facebook’s highest market reach was in Indonesia (84.9%) and its lowest market reach was in Vietnam (18.4%). Interestingly, Facebook was still the top-ranked social network in Vietnam during February 2010.

Global SocNet Usage Rises in Feb.
Social networking usage in 10 global countries, including Australia and Japan, rose more than two hours to an average of about five-and-a-half hours between February 2009 and February 2010, according to The Nielsen Company.

Web users in Italy spent the most average time on social networks during the month, six hours, 27 minutes and 53 seconds. Australian web users came in a close second with six hours, 25 minutes and 21 seconds. US web users ranked third in the average time they spent visiting social networks, with six hours, two minutes and 34 seconds. Japanese web users were ranked last, spending a monthly average of only two hours, 37 minutes and seven seconds on social networks.

Nielsen research indicates Facebook was clearly the most popular social network globally in February 2010. Facebook’s reach extended to 52% of active social network users, and the site averaged 19.16 sessions per person and time spent of five hours and 52 minutes per person.

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