Monthly Location-based Video Ads Hit 237M

April 13, 2010

An estimated 237.4 million location-based video ads were displayed to adult audiences each month in the last four months of 2009, according to a new report released today by The Nielsen Company.

Men, Young Adults Consume Large Share of Location-based Video Ads
The Nielsen Fourth Screen Network Audience Report finds that 54% of the 237.4 million monthly exposures to persons 18 and older were displayed to male audiences, with 46% exposed to females. An estimated 50% of all the monthly exposures were displayed to men and women in the key 18-34 demographic.

Movie Theaters are Biggest Venue
The biggest single venue where consumers viewed location-based video ads from September-December 2009 was movie theaters. Each month, about 61.7 million of the total 237.4 million location-based video ad exposures among adults, or 26%, took place in movie theaters. The number one location-based video ad network, NCN, and number four network, Screenvision, operate in movie theaters.


Bars and restaurants were the second-biggest venue, with 47.8 million monthly exposures, or about 20% of the total, occurring there. The number five network, Zoom Social, and number six network, AMI, operate in bars and restaurants. It is worth noting that 84% of Zoom Social’s average 25.1 million monthly exposures among adults were represented by the key 18-to-34-year-old demographic.

Movie Theaters Prove Cost-effective
Beyond offering the largest venue for displaying location-based video ads, Nielsen analysis suggests movie theaters have also proven themselves cost effective. The C3 average audience for a primetime broadcast TV commercial was 3 million viewers age 18 and older in October 2009.

During that same period, video ad exposures to NCM’s and Screenvision’s movie theater networks combined for an average 61.7 million, meaning that it took about 20 primetime ads to reach the same audience as a typical month-long advertising flight on both movie theater networks.

Distasteful Ads Hurt Brand Appeal
Location-based video advertisers need to keep taste in mind, as more than one-third of Americans will not purchase a brand because of distasteful advertising, according to a recent Adweek Media/Harris Poll.

Thirty-five percent of respondents said they have chosen not to purchase a certain brand because they found the advertisements distasteful. Another 22% said they have not done so but have thought about doing it, and 43% said they have never done so.

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