Samsung Takes Mobile OEM Lead

May 7, 2010

Samsung took the US mobile subscriber market share lead among OEMs from previous leader Motorola in March 2010, according to comScore MobiLens data.

Samsung Overtakes Motorola
Samsung, which was ranked third among OEMs in the three-month average ending February 2010, overtook previous leader Motorola in the three-month average ending March 2010. Samsung held a 21.9% share of 234 million US mobile subscribers ages 13 and up, narrowly beating Motorola, which also held a 21.9% after rounding. It is worth noting that Samsung’s market share grew 0.7 percentage points from the three-month average ending February 2010, while Motorola’s market share declined 1.6 percentage points in the same time period.


LG, which held second place in the three-month average ending February 2010, fell to third place in the three-month average ending March 2010 with a 21.8% market share, down 0.1 percentage points from the three-month average ending December 2009. RIM was in fourth place but posted strong market share growth, rising from 7% to 8.3%.

Verizon Maintains Lead among Mobile Operators
In a ranking of the top mobile operators in the US during the three-month average ending in March 2010, Verizon led the market with 31.1% of mobile subscribers, down marginally from its 31.2% market share in the three months ending December 2009. AT&T ranked second with 25.2% market share, up 0.2 percentage points from the period ending December 2009. Sprint narrowly grabbed the third position with 12% market share, closely trailed by T-Mobile (also 12% after rounding), while Tracfone gained 0.3 points to capture 5.1% of the market.


Six in 10 Mobile Users Text
In an average month during the January through March 2010 time period, 63.7% of US mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device, up 0.6 percentage points versus three months prior. Browsers were used by 30.1% of US mobile subscribers (up 2.6 percentage points), while subscribers who used downloaded applications made up 28.6% of the mobile audience (up 2.6 percentage points). Access of social networking sites or blogs continued to increase, posting gains of 2.8 percentage points to 18.7% of mobile subscribers.


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