American Summer Travel Plans Stay Flat

June 24, 2010

Americans’ plans for leisure travel during summer 2010 are essentially flat from summer 2009, according to the results of a new Harris Poll.

Two-thirds Plan Summer Vacation
Two-thirds (66%) of Americans are planning to take a summer vacation this year. This closely mirrors data from 2009, when 65% were planning a summer vacation.


A solid 34% of Americans have no trips planned between May and August 2010, compared to 35% last year. However, 47% plan one to two trips, while 13% plan three to four trips and 6% plan five trips or more this summer. A substantially lower percentage of Americans were planning five or more trips during summer 2009, otherwise last year’s figures are comparable.

Fewer Americans Cutting Leisure Trips
While percentages indicate for the most part the same number of Americans are planning roughly the same number of trips in summer 2010 as 2009, Americans are reducing their 2010 summer travel activities at a lower rate.


Twenty-two percent of Americans plan to reduce their leisure trips by car this summer, compared to 29% last year. Another 25% are decreasing their number of weekend trips, compared to 34% in 2009. The biggest disparity exists in the area of decreasing spending on summer leisure trips (32% compared to 46%). Significant reductions also exist in the year-over-year percentage of Americans planning to cut duration of leisure trips and the number of leisure trips by plane in summer 2010 compared to summer 2009.

Mean Summer Travel Spend Equals $1600
Mean planned spending on summer leisure trips by Americans this year is $1,627. The largest percentages (34%) plan to spend more than $1,000 or $101-500. Only 7% plan to spend $100 or less.


Deloitte Forecasts Flat Summer Travel
Consumer travel plans for this summer are flat compared to last summer, according to a recent survey by Deloitte. Nearly six out of 10 (59%) survey respondents plan to take a trip between June 1 and Labor Day 2010, which is flat compared with the share of respondents who said they made trips a year ago.

The survey reveals that more than one-quarter (26%) expect to spend more money on their summer trips than they spent last year, while nearly half (49%) plan to spend the same amount. In addition, 31% of respondents postponed a vacation earlier this year but are ready for one this summer, and 17% plan to take an overseas summer vacation.

About the Data: This Harris Poll was conducted by Harris Interactive and surveyed 2,503 adults online between May 10 and 17, 2010.

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