7 in 10 Consumers Act upon Mobile Email

June 29, 2010

Sixty-eight percent of global consumers act upon email they receive on a mobile device while using a desktop PC, according to [pdf] a new report from digital marketing firm e-Dialog.

Majority of Consumers across Regions Act upon Mobile Email at PC
While the PC remains the primary manner in which consumers access their email, analysis from “Global Perspectives” indicates mobile email activity presents new challenges and opportunities for email marketers.


Consumers in Japan, Singapore and the US indicate the highest use of email interactivity on their mobile devices. However, when asked how frequently they act on the email received on their mobile device while at their desktop PC, 68% of consumers stated frequently (38%) or occasionally (30%). Another 12% never act upon mobile email received while using a desktop PC, and 20% do not own a mobile device (or at least one that receives email).

Broken down by region, a combined 63% of European consumers frequently or occasionally act upon mobile email while at a PC, with 16% never doing so and 22% lacking a device. In the US, the percentage of consumers who occasionally act upon a mobile email in these circumstances is similar to the overall average (31%), but the percentage who frequently do so is much lower (23%).

Overall participation rates are much higher among Asia-Pacific consumers. A combined 76% act upon mobile email while using a PC, although this total skews heavily toward occasional participation (48%). Only 8% never do so and 15% lack a device.

US, Asia-Pacific Represent Extremes of SMS Conversion
When consumers were asked if they had ever purchased a product or service based on a mobile text promotion, responses in the US and Asia-Pacific were radically different. In the US, 14% of consumers have done so, 34% have not, and more than half (52%) never give out their mobile number.


Conversely, in Asia-Pacific, 57% of consumers have made a purchase based on a mobile text promotion while 28% have not and only 15% never give out their mobile number. European results tended more toward US results, with 21% of consumers having made a purchase based on an SMS text, 38% having not, and 41% never giving out their mobile number.

Overall, 38% of global consumers have made a purchase following a mobile text promotion, 32% have not, and 30% never give out their mobile number.

Email is Permanent Customer Fixture
Whether or not it is accessed via mobile device, email is an established presence in the lives of most global consumers, according to other results from the e-Dialog study. Of the nearly 13,000 consumers e-Dialog surveyed around the world, 96% of them have a personal email account. Of the 13 countries surveyed, consumers in South Korea reported the highest percentage of having a personal email account at 99%.US adoption is at 97%. The lowest reported percentage is Italy at 87%.

About the Data: e-Dialog carried out this study of 13,000 consumers’ attitudes to digital marketing in 13 countries in Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific.


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