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Gay and lesbian adults connect online through social networking sites more often than their heterosexual counterparts, according to a new survey from Harris Interactive.

Homosexual SocNet Participation Higher across Platforms
Three-quarters (73%) of gay and lesbian adults state they are members of Facebook, compared to 65% of heterosexual adults. Also, 32% of gay and lesbian respondents report being members of MySpace, compared to 22% of heterosexual respondents (albeit a shrinking number of both groups from past years).


When it comes to the business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn, 22% of gay and lesbian respondents report being members, while 16% of heterosexual adults state they are members. Finally, nearly 3 out of 10 (or 29%) gay men and lesbians report they are members of Twitter, while the same can be said of just 15% of heterosexual adults.


Homosexuals Visit SocNets More Often
Significantly, 55% of gay men and lesbians say they visit social network sites at least once a day, but only 41% of heterosexual adults report that same frequency. Three out of ten gay men and women also say they visit sites several times a day, while only 17% of heterosexuals share that habit.


Gays and lesbians also report higher incidences of visiting social network sites at least weekly (81% compared to 71% of heterosexuals). However, heterosexuals are more apt to visit social network sites at least monthly (17% compared to 11%) or less than monthly (12% compared to 8%).


Homosexuals Have More Negative Feelings toward SocNet Ads
Gays and lesbians are more likely than heterosexuals to report negative feelings toward advertising on social networks (45% compared to 37%). They are also slightly more likely to have positive feelings (9% compared to 8%), but less likely to be neutral on the subject (46% compared to 56%).

Gays, Lesbians Blog at Higher Rates
A majority of gay and lesbian US adults are reading blogs, according to other survey results from Harris Interactive. More than half (54%) of gay men and lesbian respondents report reading some type of blog as of June 2010, compared to only 40% of heterosexuals. This represents an incremental increase from March 2008 when 51% of gay and lesbian respondents reported reading some type of blog. A similar question was asked in November 2006 and at that time, only 32% of gay and lesbian adults reported reading blogs.

About the Data: This survey of 2,412 U.S. adults, (ages 18 and over), of whom 271 self identified as gay or lesbian, was conducted online between June 14 – 21, 2010, by Harris Interactive.

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