Online Video Streams Jump 1.3% from June ’09

July 16, 2010

More than 10.2 billion videos were streamed in the US in June 2010, a 1.3% increase from the number of streams in June 2009 and nearly a 4% jump from the previous month’s figures.

Overall Video Usage Generally Rises
In total, 136.2 million Americans viewed 10.2 billion video streams in June 2010, an average of 74.9 streams per viewer. The average US internet user spent 194.6 minutes watching online video during the month.


The number of unique viewers rose 1.4% from June 2009 and 0.3% from May 2010, while the average time per viewer increased 3.1% from the prior year and 2.5% from the prior month. Interestingly, the number of streams per viewer declined 0.3% year-over-year but increased 3.7% month-over-month.

Google Monthly Viewership Sharply Drops
After increasing 50.7% in May 2010, monthly viewership for Google dropped 30.9% in June 2010. Google slipped from fourth to fifth place in the monthly ranking of online video brands by unique viewer, with about 13.02 million unique viewers.


Conversely, ESPN Digital Network saw its monthly viewership grow 50.5%, putting it in ninth place with about 8.5 million unique viewers. YouTube retained its clear dominance with 101.1 million unique viewers, a slight 0.2% decline from the previous month. The number two brand Yahoo, trailed with about 26.7 million unique viewers, representing 10.3% month-over-month growth.

ESPN Digital Network Leads in Monthly Stream Growth
ESPN Digital Network also had strong growth in its number of video streams (61.7%) during June 2010, placing fifth with 146.35 million. Tenth-place Megavideo also had a strong growth rate (50.7%, 108.9 million streams).


Second-ranked Hulu, which had the best rate of growth among the top 10 brands (18.2%) in May 2010, reversed its trend last month with a 26.4% drop to 598.8 million streams. Leader YouTube had about 5.8 billion streams, good for 9.8% monthly growth.

Univision Surges in Time Spent
Coverage of the 2010 World Cup likely drove a 133% spike in the average time per user for Spanish-language platform (ninth place, 110 minutes).


Leader Netflix maintained its impressive lead in average monthly time per user (429 minutes), but dropped 16.2% from May 2010 after posting several monthly increases. The number two brand, Chinese video-sharing platform, grew its average time per viewer 69.9% to 278 minutes.


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