Top June ’10 Coupons: Pacsun, Supercuts

July 21, 2010

An online coupon for 15% off any order at Pacsun and a printable coupon for $5 off any order at Supercuts were the top coupons in June 2010, according to [pdf] coupon aggregator RetailMeNot, which recently released its coupon data report for the month.

RetailMeNot’s report on top monthly coupons separately reports its online and printable-coupon savings numbers. Overall, consumers saved about $5.98 million online last month and have saved about $48.41 million online since January 1, 2010. Printable coupon users saved about $1.29 million online last month, downloading 258,859 coupons. Since January 1, 2010, printable coupon users have saved $8.17 million, downloading 1.63 million coupons.

June 2010 coupon traffic measured about 14 million users, a 49% increase from 9.4 million users in June 2009. During the month, online coupon users generated about $31.1 million in sales, a 49% jump from $20.9 million in June 2009. There were 470,767 online coupons available for 63,899 retailers, and 57,207 printable coupons available for 52,000 stores.

June 2010 Brand and Category Highlights
The three most-searched stores for online coupons in May 2010 were Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s, and IHOP, Great Clips and Fantastic Sam’s were the top three printable brands searched last month. The top three printable categories searched were restaurant, clothing and food.



June 2010 Local/State Highlights
The top three printable ZIP codes searched were 60544 (Plainfield, IL), 30004 (Las Vegas, NV), and 60563 (Southington, CT); and the top three states using printable coupons were Illinois, Minnesota and Georgia. The top three states using online coupons were New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.


Men Use Tech for Coupon Planning
Although women are primarily responsible for clipping coupons, when it comes to technology and coupons, men start to become more involved in the shopping process with coupon, retailer, and brand websites coming in right behind newspapers as places where they actively seek out coupons. A recent study from The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research shows the increased interest in online coupons indicates that men who are seeking coupons online during their pre-planning and research stage of shopping are more open to marketing messaging if provided with the right amount of benefit.

In this case, the coupon would not serve as an awareness-raising vehicle or customer-acquisitions device but as a driver to CRM marketing programs, like frequent-buyer clubs and memberships.

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