DOOH Interest in C-stores Set to Grow in Q3

August 13, 2010

Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertisers are expected to increase their interest in convenience stores as a venue, according to digital media aggregator Adcentricity.

C-store, Hospitality Interest Continues
The two most popular DOOH advertiser campaign venue subcategories in Q2 2010, convenience stores and hospitality (restaurant/bar), should both grow while maintaining their respective number one and two positions, Adcentricity predicts. Convenience stores, which were included in a little less than 15% of DOOH campaign proposals in Q2 2010, are expected to be included in closer to 20% of proposals in Q3 2010.


Similarly, hospitality venues, which were included in a little more than 10% of proposals in Q2 2010, should be included in slightly more than 15% of proposals in Q3 2010.

While the music/entertainment and superstore segments of retail are both expected to be included in less than 5% of proposals during Q3 2010, both are still projected to more than double their proposal share. Other venue subcategories predicted to gain substantially include airport: club/lounge and healthcare/pharmacy.

Not every subcategory is poised for quarterly growth. Compared to Q2 2010, gas station pump tops are expected to decline from inclusion in 10% of proposals to inclusion in less than 5% of proposals. General grocery stores are also expected to be included in fewer proposals in Q3 2010 than Q2 2010.

Chicago Will Overtake LA
While New York, which was included in fewer DOOH proposals in Q2 2010 than Q1 2010, is expected to maintain its status as top DOOH market by proposal inclusion while increasing its share of proposals from just more than 20% to about 35%, current number two market Los Angeles is expected to switch places with current number three market Chicago in Q3 2010.


Adcentricity forecasts that Chicago will increase its proposal inclusion rate from slightly more than 10% to close to 20%, while Los Angeles will shrink its proposal inclusion rate from just more than 20% to just more than 10%.

Phoenix, currently ranked 12th in proposal inclusion rate with a rate of about 2%, is expected to more than double its rate and jump to the fifth spot in Q3 2010.

Financial Services Set to Dominate
The financial services industry continues to dominate spending in DOOH for 2010 and it’s looking like the category will be the clear winner in spending for the year. While automotive is seeing increased, positive adoption, telecommunications is expected to shrink in its share of spend, but maintain the number three spot.


Race Track Environments Decrease in Popularity During Q2
During Q2 2010, there was a marked decrease in race track environments as a DOOH venue, according to other Adcentricity data. Adcentricity says that many times, this has been due to mis/pre-conceptions by the client or buying community about what the environments are and what they have to offer. In many cases, the client may be present in the environment already through other divisions of their company, without even knowing it.


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