Q2 Radio Ad Revenue Grows 6%

August 24, 2010

Total US radio ad revenue grew 6% in Q2 2010 compared to Q2 2009, according to [pdf] the Radio Advertising Bureau.

Nat’l Revenue Jumps 16%
Local ad revenue grew 3% from Q2 2009, to $3.04 billion. More impressively by growth rate, national ad revenue increased 16% from the same period a year earlier, to $702 million. Combined US local and national radio ad revenue climbed 6% in Q2 2010, to $3.75 billion.

Meanwhile, network ad revenue remained flat at $274 million, digital ad revenue grew 25% to $157 million and off-air revenue grew 2% to $375 million. In total, US radio ad revenue improved 6% in Q2 2010 compared to Q2 2009, reaching $4.52 billion.


First Half Total Revenue Grows 6%
Looking at the first half of 2010, local ad revenue grew 3% to $5.49 billion. National ad revenue hiked 17% to $1.27 billion, and combined local and national ad revenue expanded 6% to $6.76 billion. Network ad revenue increased 2% to $534 million, digital ad revenue climbed 22% to $280 million, and off-air ad revenue rose 1% to $661 million. Total first half revenue reached $8.24 billion, also a 6% improvement.

Prof. Service Ad Revenue Grows 40% in Q2
While professional services ad revenue only totaled $83.9 million in Q2 2010, placing it ninth among advertiser categories, this represented a leading 40% improvement from Q2 2009. The communications/cellular category produced the most total revenue in the quarter ($385.3 million, 14% growth).


Auto Revenue Grows 28% in First Half
Tracking advertiser category performance during the first half of 2010, auto dealers/dealer groups/manufacturers/rentals had the highest annual growth rate (28%, $648.3 million) and second-highest revenue total.

Communications/cellular also produced the most revenue during the first half of 2010, $759.7 million (9% improvement from same period in 2009).

East, SW Outpace Q2 Gain
The East and Southwest regions equally outpaced the second quarter national gain at +7%
across Local and National’s leading categories; followed by the Central region (+5%), West (+3%), and South (+2%). The East and Southwest represented 26% and 14% of total spending within the participating Miller Kaplan markets.

25-to-54-Yr-Olds Like Radio
Persons age 25-54 listened to the radio an average of 24 hours and 23 minutes each week during spring 2010, 7.4% higher than the population older than the age of 12 (22 hours and 42 minutes), according to recent findings from The Nielsen Company. The findings are consistent with the 2009 spring ratings, which found that average weekly listening within the 25-54 demographic was 7.5% higher than the 12-plus population.

In addition, 25-to-54-year-olds listen to the radio 8.7% more than 18-to-34-year-olds (22 hours and 29 minutes). This is a slightly narrower listening gap than the 9.8% difference measured in spring 2009.

About the Data: Local and National advertiser category analysis is based on data from Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co. X-Ray Market Reports. X-Ray Market Reports are compiled from advertiser expenditure data direct from station billing in 35 markets, extrapolated to the entire US. Extrapolated dollar amounts may not be fully indicative of industry results as a whole. X-Ray Markets represent approximately 80% of the dollars from the pool of 100 markets. Network Radio advertiser category spending analysis is based on data from Kantar Media.


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