iPhone Coupon Usage Skews Female

September 7, 2010

Analysis of mobile coupon usage trends among iPhone and Android users suggests iPhones skew female and Androids skew male, according to Coupons.com.

iPhone Users Prefer Women’s Body Wash
The difference in the preference for body wash among iPhone and Android users is one of the most direct signs more iPhone users (or at least those who use mobile coupons) are female. The top coupon in the Body Wash category among iPhone users was for women’s body wash, which was eight times more popular than the same coupon among Android users. Men’s body wash topped the list among Android users.


iPhone Users Eat More Chicken
Chicken was the most popular item in the Dinner Meats category among iPhone users, while pork ribs were most popular among Android users. iPhone users printed or saved the top chicken coupon six times more than Android users.

While both chicken and pork are white meat, pork is higher in fat and calories, which typically is of less concern to men. Also a number of pork products, such as bacon, sausage and bratwurst, are more traditionally associated with male appetites.

iPhone Users Hands-on Cleaners
The top Household Cleaner/Supplies coupon among iPhone users was for multi-surface cleaner, while Android users gravitated to continuous toilet bowl cleaner. This reflects stereotypes of women performing a larger percentage of household cleaning chores, and perhaps being more hands-on in their cleaning approach.

iPhone Users Feed Fish
In the Pet Food: Other category, fish food was the most popular item with iPhone users, who downloaded the top coupon 26.2 times more than Android users. Bird food topped the list among Android users. There is no clear gender difference in this particular coupon category.

iPhone Users Buy Baby Products
In the Personal Care category, coupons for baby products were overwhelmingly more popular with iPhone users. These offers were printed or loaded to loyalty cards from iPhones 41.7 times more than from Androids. Conversely, Android selected pain relief coupons 2.1 times more than did iPhone users.

Studies show women generally perform far more child-rearing responsibilities than men, who selected coupons aimed at solving a specific personal need which could be related to sports or other physical activity.

Mobile Coupon Use Skyrockets
The number of coupons accessed from Coupons.com mobile applications increased 232% from January to June 2010.

Digital Coupons Produce $1B in Savings
More than $1 billion in digital coupon savings was printed or loaded to a store loyalty card via Coupons.com and the Coupons.com network in the last 12 months, according to previous Coupons.com analysis. This figure, which includes all forms of digital download (including mobile), represents about 100% growth from $529 million in savings generated between June 30, 2008 and June 30, 2009.

About the Data: The data was pulled by analyzing coupon usage via the Coupons.com Grocery iQ shopping list application for the period Jan 1, 2010 to July 31, 2010.


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