Google Leading UK Online Ad Network

September 13, 2010

Google Ad Network was the top UK online ad network by unique daily visitor and average daily visitor, according to comScore.

Google Has 93% UK Reach
Google Ad Network led all UK online ad networks with 35.5 million unique visitors ages 15 and up during July 2010. This represented 92.7% of the 38.3 million total unique UK visitors 15 and up during the month.


Google Ad Network grew its monthly unique visitors 1.9% from 34.9 million in July 2009. However, Google’s reach slightly dropped from 94.4% in July 2009, reflecting the year-over-year 3.8% growth in unique audience.

The fastest growing ad network among the top 10 was 24/7 Real Media (up 111% compared to a year ago). Several other ad networks in the top ranking also achieved strong growth rates during the past year, including Tribal Fusion (up 30%), Adconion (up 28%) and ValueClick Media (up 25%).

Microsoft Media Network was the only ad network in the top 10 to record a year-over-year decrease in unique visitors (-0.1%). Microsoft Ad Network was also the only network in the top 10 besides Google to register an annual decrease in reach (88.3% to 85%).

Microsoft Does Better in Daily Visitors
Interestingly, while Microsoft is ranked fourth in total unique monthly visitors for July 2010, it rises to second place for average daily visitors (12.3 million). Google also led this category with an average of 17.64 million visitors per day in July 2010.


AOL Advertising, which ranked second in terms of overall unique visitors, ranked third in average daily visitors (10.7 million). There were no other significant differences in how the top 10 ad networks by overall unique visitors fared in ranking by average daily visitor for the month.

Online Ad Revenues to Reach $103B by 2015
Worldwide online ad revenues will grow to $103 billion in constant currencies by 2015, according to MagnaGlobal, which expects worldwide online ad revenues to collectively grow by an average rate of 11% between 2010 and 2015. This means by 2015, online ad revenues will reach $103 billion.

During 2010, MagnaGlobal forecasts online ad revenues will grow 12.4%, reaching $61 billion globally. In 2011, online ad revenues are expected to grow 11.7%, reaching about $68 billion.


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