Mobile Campaigns Drive Traffic to Advertiser Sites

September 15, 2010

Almost half of mobile advertising campaigns drove traffic to their website in July 2010, according to the latest S.M.A.R.T. Report from Millennial Media.

Site Top Mobile Campaign Destination
Forty-seven percent of mobile advertising campaigns directed users who clicked on a mobile ad in July 2010 to their website. Another 30% directed traffic to a custom landing page, while 23% opened into an expanded rich media experience.


The expand rich media destination now includes application downloads. Millennial Media analysis indicates that in July 2010, several brands in the retail & restaurants vertical utilized application download as a campaign destination in their back-to-school campaigns.

In addition, the travel and CPG verticals, as well as retail/restaurants, used the application download destination in summer campaigns to attract highly engaged mobile users.

4 in 10 Campaigns Target Audience
Slightly more than four in 10 (43%) mobile advertising campaigns in July 2010 were aimed at a targeted audience, with 57% launched as broad reach campaigns.


The largest percentage of the targeted audience mix was represented by geographic targeting (40%). According to prior Millennial Media analysis, this targeted reach method resonates strongly with advertisers in the travel vertical, particularly hotels and resorts, who are able to reach visitors new to the area with relevant messages.

Meanwhile, Millennial Media research suggests the entertainment and telecom verticals leveraged the demographic targeting method to appropriately message campaigns to multi-cultural audiences. This reach method experienced a 9% increase month-over-month and represented 36% of the targeted audience mix in July 2010.

Behavioral audience targeting accounted for another 17% of the targeted audience mix in July 2010, and experienced a 5% increase month-over-month. Millennial Media credits part of this growth to brands in the travel vertical creating targeted audiences of vacationers, as well as telecom advertisers developing custom audiences for consumers ready to switch providers.

Other Findings
During July 2010:

  • 13% of advertisers used rich media creative.
  • An average of 1.02 ads were requested per page view.
  • Users averaged 136 monthly page views each.
  • Average session time was four minutes and 47 seconds.

Mobile Ads Continue Growth
Proximity advertising is on the rise, up 11% next year, according to recent data from Borrell Associates. Mobile devices that can tell users when a particular merchant is in their immediate vicinity continue to sell briskly, and advertisers are expressing interest in this form of advertising.

Mobile marketing continues to grow, fueled by ubiquitous apps, user-friendly browsers and 3G/4G speeds. As smartphone ownership now comprises 25% of all cellphone ownership, mobile ad sales will enjoy growth of more than 20 cents of every online ad dollar spent next year.


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