Top 10 Viral Videos – September 2010

October 13, 2010

Humor was the overriding common theme among the list of the top 10 viral videos compiled by video content distributor goviral for September 2010.

Humor Trumps Sport
This continues a trend seen in July and August 2010, but much more strongly, as eight of the 10 videos chosen used humor as a foundation. Humorous videos included oversized traveling buttocks getting kicked, funny dances, mock menacing bears, and unusual tests of a memory card’s durability.

In addition, September’s list broke a trend seen most of this year by not featuring numerous videos that use sports as a dominant theme. Two videos this month, number four DC Shoes “Ultimate Playground,” and number six Intel “Bass Jumping,” centered on athletic achievement (auto racing and base jumping, respectively). In recent months sports have been a dominant theme of more than half of the videos featured.

In addition, September breaks recent sports video-related trends by not including any videos focusing on a professional team sport or using a professional athlete as a spokesperson.

Viral Video Goes Global
Another recent trend broken in September is the inclusion of videos from many non-English-speaking countries. Usually, most or all of the top 10 viral videos are from the US or a British Commonwealth nation.

In September, videos came from countries including France, Egypt, Romania, Holland and the Philippines, as well as the US, UK and Australia. Non-English-language videos have been dubbed, subtitled or are strictly visual in nature.

Choose Your Own Adventure
Two of September’s top viral videos featured an intriguing “choose your own” option that could revolutionize online video. Number one Tipp-Ex “Hunter Shoots a Bear” is a comical (and profane) look at an inept hunter trying to shoot a charging bear. What sets it apart is the fact the viewer can choose whether the hunter shoots the bear or not, with different comic results.

Even more interesting is the number nine video from apparel company French Connection UK. The viewer can select from a wide variety of options that take them through virtual dressing rooms and assortments, style tips, and even an e-commerce checkout feature to purchase items viewed. The retail industry should pay close attention to results French Connection UK gets from this new method of selling products online.

The top 10 picks for September, with links to view on YouTube:
1. Tipp-Ex – A Hunter Shoots a Bear, agency: Buzzman
2. Diesel Sneakers – Kick Ass, agency: Santo
3. Samsung – Cute Little Girl Has a Catchy Dance, agency: The Viral Factory
4. DC Shoes – Ultimate Playground, agency: Mad Media
5. Arab Dairy – Never Say No to Panda, agency: Advantage Marketing & Advertising/Elephant
6. Intel – Intel Bass Jump, agency: Intel
7. Phillips – Nigel & Victoria, agency:
8. Cebu Pacific – Cebu Pacific FAS Dancing, agency: Cebu Pacific
9. French Connection UK, YouTube, agency: Poke
10. Samsung, Memory Card Testing, Overkill Edition, agency: The Viral Factory


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