iPad Users Favor Print, Video

October 21, 2010

iPad users regularly access print and video content at much higher rates than iPhone users, according to new data from The Nielsen Company.

Bigger Screens Promote Print, Video
Resulting from what Nielsen analysis identifies as the iPad’s larger screen, iPad users show substantially higher download rates for print and video content than iPhone users.


Most notably, 39% of iPad users regularly access book content, more than three times the 13% of iPhone users who do so. In addition, 33% iPad users regularly access TV shows, three times the 11% of iPhone users who do so. And the 32% of iPad users who regularly access movies is virtually three times the 12% of iPhone users who regularly access movies.

A smaller percentage of iPad users regularly access magazines (25%), but this figure is still three times the 8% of iPhone users reading magazines on their devices.

The two groups display virtually identical rates of regularly accessing mobile radio (21% of iPad users and 22% of iPhone users). iPhone users are more likely to regularly access news (53% to 44%) and music (51% to 41%). In all of these cases, screen size is less important or irrelevant to the content experience.

6 in 10 iPad Users Pay for Apps
Application providers who do not offer paid iPad apps may want to start. Six in 10 (63%) iPad users have paid to download an app. In addition, only 5% say they only download free apps, suggesting a high willingness in this group to pay for applications.

Again likely reflecting the iPad’s larger screen size, the two most popular paid iPad apps are games (62% of paid iPad app downloaders have downloaded a game app) and books (54%). Other popular paid iPad apps include music (50%), and shopping and news/headlines (45% each).

Nielsen also notes that 4% of US households currently own tablet computers (a category including, but not limited to, the iPad).

iPad Users Skew Younger, Male
iPad owners skew younger and more male than owners of many other portable computing devices, according to other recent Nielsen data. Sixty-five percent of them are male and 63% of them are younger than the age of 35.

In terms of likelihood to be male, the only device researched by Nielsen that even approaches the iPad is the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), with 62% male ownership. In terms of age, iPad owners skew slightly older than iPod Touch owners (66% younger than 35) and PSP owners (68% younger than 35).

About the Data: The Nielsen Company recently surveyed more than 5,000 consumers who already own a tablet computer, eReader, netbook, media/games player, or smartphone.


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