Email, Company Sites Most Used Marketing Channels

October 29, 2010

Virtually all marketers use email and company websites as marketing channels, according to a recent study from Lyris.

Email marketing (97%) and company websites (96%) are the most frequently used marketing channels for all respondent groups.

Social media marketing (82%) followed, with search engine optimization (SEO) (79%) and search engine marketing (SEM) (72%) relatively close behind.

The most popular manual marketing channel was direct mail, used by 65% of all respondents. The mobile channel has not caught on in a widespread manner yet, with only 22% of all respondents emailing or sending SMS text messages to mobile devices.

Email, Online Marketers Display Unique Channel Habits
Both email and online marketers generally use direct mail, banner and other online advertising and events/trade shows marketing more often than online marketing agencies.

In addition, direct mail is roughly as important as SEM and SEO to email and online marketers, which Lyris says supports the direct mail background of these digital marketing formats.

Email Marketing Takes Almost Half of Time
Respondents spend most of their time on email marketing (45%), even if they are online marketers (29%). As would be expected, email marketers spend significantly more time on email marketing (68%) compared to agencies (38%) and online marketers.

However, email marketers spend significantly less time on most other online marketing activities, relative to other respondents, with the exception of webinars.

Email Metrics Most Used Tool
The largest percentage of all respondents (93%) use email metrics as a marketing tool. List management tools follow with 86% usage. Other popular tools include web analytics (76%) and segmentation (70%).

Asset management and dynamic landing pages are generally the least used tools, with the exception of agencies (33% and 45% usage, respectively).

Dynamic Landing Pages Most Planned for Future
About a third each of all respondents, not currently using some tools or features, plan on future use of dynamic landing pages (34%), behavioral targeting (32%) and dynamic content (30%).

About one-fourth each of all respondents plan on future use of triggered emails (28%), customer database integration (26%) and A/B testing (25%).

3 in 4 Marketers Consider Email Metrics Important
Email metrics are considered somewhat/very important by a large majority (73%). Email Marketers generally consider all tools and features more important than online marketers and agencies.

SMB Marketers Segment Emails by Preference, Behavior
Small-to-midsized business (SMB) marketers are primarily interested in segmenting emails by recipient preferences and behaviors, according to a recent study by GetResponse. The “2010 Email Marketing Trends Study” indicates that almost six in ten SMB marketers (59.4%) plan to segment their emails according to interest-based preferences of the recipients. The second most popular technique, segmenting emails based on recent recipient open or click-rate activity, was selected by 34.9% of recipients.

About the Data: Lyris surveyed 847 respondents, broken down into 225 online marketing agencies, 225 email marketers, 200 online marketers, and 197 customers.


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