The percentage of YouTube videos carrying ads is slowly but steadily increasing, according to a new study from TubeMogul, Brightcove, and DynamicLogic.

4 in 10 YouTube Videos Carry Ads

Data from “Online Video Best Practices” indicates that tracking YouTube’s top 100 daily most-viewed videos by content type for a 30-day time period, comparing results to six months ago, shows that although only about 42% of the most popular videos have ads, that number is growing by 0.83% per month and both pirated and user-generated content are down.

tubemogul-youtube-top100-daily-2010-nov10.gifBreaking out ad content by type (not counting YouTube’s homepage), about 93.5% of ads are 300×250 display ads. Another 5.5% are pre-roll, and slightly less than 1% are overlay.

In addition, content produced by YouTube partners is on the rise (growing more than 20% in six months) and content that actually consists of advertising is slightly up, but still represents less than 5% of all content viewed.

YouTube Skews Young

Taking a sample of 1,693,334 YouTube profiles and examining self-reported demographic data, the study finds close to 80% of users (MarketingCharts combined estimate) are between 14 and 29. The largest percentage (slightly less than 30%) is between 18 and 21.
Virtually no users are older than 61, with spike in users reporting their age as between 106 and 108 that is of dubious veracity.


YouTube Skews Male

More than half (56%) of YouTube users are male, with 39% female and 5% unknown.


6 in 10 Users from US

Nationality of YouTube users breaks down as follows:

  • US: 59.56%
  • Canada: 9.07%
  • UK: 7.05%
  • Australia: 2.68%
  • Germany: 1.58%
  • Netherlands: 1.58%
  • Sweden: 1.03%
  • Mexico: 0.91%
  • Phillipines: 0.79%
  • Norway: 0.62%

Social Media Not a Major Product Recommendation Source

Although social media does not appear to be a significant source of product recommendations for most internet users, of the four social media sites covered (Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia and YouTube) in the recent ACSI E-Business Report, YouTube had the highest percentage of respondents say they seek out recommendations of products and services, 17%. There was little differentiation among the four social media sites in this area, with MySpace coming in last only three percentage points behind (14%).

Even fewer internet users have actually purchased a product or service based on a social media recommendation. YouTube also leads the four social media sites in this area, with 14% of respondents indicating they have purchased a product or service based on a YouTube recommendation.

About the Data: Data for this report comes from TubeMogul’s InPlay analytics platform, which tracks detailed data on the internet’s top publisher sites, video sharing sites, video platforms and social networks, spanning billions of monthly streams. Less commonly, viral data is harvested using APIs or crawlers. Additional data was provided by Brightcove and DynamicLogic.

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