Placing Call Popular Mobile Campaign Tactic

January 5, 2011

millenial-media-campaign-action-mix-nov10-jan11.gifSix in 10 mobile campaigns on the Millennial Media network placed a call as a tactic during November 2010, according to the latest Millennial Media SMART Report. Millennial Media analysis indicates the automotive, travel, telecom, and education verticals leveraged this action to drive immediate action with mobile consumers during Q4 2010 with both holiday and winter weather-related products and services.

Other popular mobile campaign actions included join/subscribe (51%), which Millennial Media attributes to telecom and retail brands’ retail promotion campaigns and the dating vertical driving new customer acquisitions. Close to half (49%) of campaigns had consumers watch a video.

4 in 10 Campaigns Use Custom Landing Page

millenial-media-campaign-destination-mix-nov10-jan11-1.gifCustom landing page took the lead as the top destination for brands on mobile and represented a 39% impression share on the Millennial Media network. Millennial Media analysis shows retail brands in November 2010 were creating custom landing pages for holiday promotions to drive additional foot traffic in store.

Although only 27% of campaigns used application download as a campaign destination in November 2010, it experienced the largest increase of 9% month-over-month. Millennial Media research indicates transportation brands promoting their app shopping tools and telecom advertisers promoting their barcode scan apps for the holiday shopping season contributed to this growth.

Dating, CPG Brands Drive Broad Reach Adaptation

millenial-media-campaign-targeting-mix-nov10-jan11.gifBroad reach methods (run of network, custom subnet and channel) represented 53% of the campaign targeting mix in November 2010. Millennial Media analysis suggests brands in the dating and CPG verticals leveraged these methods to drive awareness of their products and services during a cluttered advertising season.

Meanwhile, targeted-audience campaign methods (GEO, demographic, behavioral audience and audience takeover) increased 3% month-over-month with 47% of campaigns on the Millennial Media network leveraging these methods.

GEO Targeting Represents 40% of Mix

GEO as a targeting method experience the largest month-over-month growth of 9% and represented 39% of the campaign targeting mix in November 2010. Millennial Media research indicates regional retail department stores with holiday promotions, entertainment brands with international movie releases and various tourism boards promoting last-minute holiday travel specials leveraged this method during the month.

Behavioral audience represented 19% of the targeted audience reach in November 2010. Millennial Media analysis suggests home security brands targeting mothers and tech segments with product messages leveraged this method.

Finance Has 800% YOY Revenue Growth

The chart below illustrates the year-over-year revenue growth experienced by several leading mobile advertising segments in Q3 2010:

22M US Mobile Users Watch Video

The number of US mobile subscribers 13 and older watching video on their mobile devices in Q2 2010 reached 21.9 million, according to recent data from The Nielsen Company. This number reflected about a 43% increase in mobile video users from about 15.3 million in Q2 2009. Compared to 20.3 million mobile video users in Q1 2010, the number rose almost 8%.

During the same time period, the number of US mobile phone subscribers 13 and older rose much more modestly, just 4% from 220.5 million in Q2 2009 to 229.4 million in Q2 2010.


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