Promotional Email Volume Falls 6% During Jan.

January 31, 2011

retail-email-index-jan-2011.JPGThe top online retailers sent each of their subscribers three promotional emails on average during the week ending Jan. 28, 2011, according to Chad White, research director at Responsys and author of the Retail Email Blog. That’s up 3% from a little more than 2.8 week-over-week, down 6% from 3.1 four weeks ago, and up 18% from a little more than 2.4 year-over-year.

Monday, Friday Most Popular Days

retail-email-participation-jan-2011.JPGMonday, January 24 and Friday, January 28 were the most popular days to send retail emails last week, with 50% of the top online retailers sending each of their subscribers at least one promotional email both of those days.

As is generally the case, Saturday, January 22 had the lowest email participation rate (20%), followed by Sunday, January 23 (32%).

Presidents Day, St. Pat’s, Easter Ahead

retail-email-seasonality-jan-2011.JPGMentions of the Valentine’s Day holiday (February 14, 2011) took a dramatic upswing during the month, rising from about 5% of promotional emails the week ending January 7 to close to 20% the week ending January 28. The Retail Email Blog forecasts continued domination by Valentine’s Day for the next two weeks.

However, Presidents Day (February 21), St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) and Easter (April 24) should all start popping up in promotional emails this week and see their references continue to grow as Valentine’s Day passes and those holidays get closer.

Both New Year’s and holidays/Christmas references dwindled from more than 30% in the case of New Year’s and almost 10% in the case of holidays/Christmas the first week of the month to almost nil the last week of the month. With the exception of possible “Christmas in July” promotions this summer, these references should stay essentially nil until October.

Email Segmentation, Blasts Most Common

Four in 10 global marketers (43%) use email segmentation to personalize messages by audience, according to a new survey from Alterian. Another 44% are still employing email blasts of some kind, although 26% use basic personalization and 18% blast out on a mass basis.

This means only a small portion (13%) deliver emails based on preferences at the individual customer level, monitored in real-time.


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