Telecom Leads Q4 DOOH RFPs

February 17, 2011

adcentricity-dooh-q4-by-industry-activity-feb11.gifThe telecommunications industry represented more than 50% of Q4 2010 US RFPs for digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising by significant dollar volume, according to a new report from Adcentricity. This is a category that did not make an appearance in Adcentricity’s top five DOOH RFP list in Q3 2010 and yet, based on activity volume, heavily over-influenced the top-line numbers at the expense of other categories.

Music, games and entertainment scored the second spot, as Adcentricity research indicates TV tune-in messages and TV networks continue to increase their evaluations of the DOOH medium.

Airport Club/Lounge Most Included Venue Subcategory

adcentricity-q4-top10-venue-inclusions-by-subcategories-feb11.gifAirport clubs & lounges topped the RFP charts among venue subcategories during Q4 2010, with about 29% of campaign proposals including an airport club or lounge venue.

In addition, hospitality: restaurant/bar rose to the number two spot among subcategories, included in almost 17% of campaign proposals during the quarter. Adcentricity analysis suggests the long dwell times, interactivity, social nature and consumer connectivity options within these environments are a strong opportunity for varied demand categories, and offer more than 35,000 venues and positive ROI results and awareness conditions.

Convenience stores ranked third, followed by doctor’s offices and airport public spaces.

Top 10 DMAs Rebound

adcentricity-dma-proposal-q4-10-feb-2010.JPGAdcentricity research shows that DOOH media geographical utilization is predominantly driven to the top 15 to 20 designated marketing areas (DMAs) from major campaign spends, with majority of spending occuring in the top 10 DMA, although heavy tactical/precision based spends in the top 50-plus are used to support a lack of targeting ability from other media or a lack of media options in a market.

After a dip in active campaigns in Q3 2010, Q4 2010 regained a noticeably higher top 10 DMA focus.

Other Findings

  • DOOH bookings were up 380% from Q3 2010 and up 32% from Q4 2009.
  • Annual DOOH ad spending almost doubled between 2009 and 2010.
  • DOOH revenue grew 37% from Q3 2010 and 57% from Q4 2009.

Digital Signage Expo: DOOH Spending Expected to Hit $2B in 2010

For the full year 2010, total US DOOH advertising spending was expected to reach $2.07 billion, according to a December 2010 Digital Signage Expo review of PQ Media data. Breaking DOOH advertising spending by revenue stream, digital place-based networks were expected to bring in $1.53 billion by year’s end, with 13.7% growth the first half of the year and 14% growth the full year. Digital place-based network revenue represents almost three-quarters (74%) of total DOOH revenue.

The remaining predicted $541 million was expected to be contributed by digital billboards and signage spending. However, although this stream is much smaller, its growth was forecast to be better, with increases of 18.2% the first half of the year and 17.2% the full year.

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