Valentine’s Day Boosts Mobile Dating Ad Interaction 80%

March 31, 2011

millenial-media-mobile-interaction-valentines-day-mar11.gifConsumer interaction with the mobile dating advertising vertical jumped 80% during the 2011 Valentine’s Day weekend (Feb. 11-14), according to the February 2010 SMART Lite report from Millennial Media. Other advertising verticals receiving a significant lift during that holiday weekend include CPG – food (36%), CPG – cosmetics/hygiene (33%) and retail (22%).

Close to Half of Targeted Mobile Ads Target Local Audience

millenial-media-campaign-targeting-mix-valentines-day-mar11.gifOf the ads run on the Millennial Media mobile network during February 2011, 55% were broad reach and 45% were targeted audience reach. Taking a closer look at the targeted audience reach ads, almost half (47%) were aimed at a local audience, while 37% were demographic and 15% were behavioral. Only 1% were takeover ads.

Local market targeting grew 22% in popularity from January 2011, when 41% of ads featured this targeting method (see below).

Enroll/Join Most Common Post-Click Action

smart-postclick-mar-2011.JPGFigures on the post-click action mix of ads that ran on the Millennial Media network in February 2011 show that enroll/join was the most common action, used by 40% of ads (more than one action can be recorded per ad). This was closely followed by placing a call (39%), with 28% leading to an application download. It is worth noting that application download grew 14% month-over-month, and also that the top three post-click actions were mobile phone-only.

US-only Holidays Differentiate US, UK Campaign Planning

smart-planning-mar-2011.JPGThe upcoming US-only holidays of Memorial Day and Fourth of July helped differentiate the top five planned mobile ad campaigns among US and UK Millennial Media clients, as did the UK-specific upcoming royal wedding (number one in the UK). Back-to-school campaigns already appear at number five on the lists for both countries.

Other Findings

  • 14% of campaigns that ran on the Millennial network in February 2011 used three or more targeting methods.
  • 10% of campaigns that ran on the Millennial network in February 2011 used rich media.

Mobile Local Target Marketing Grew 15% MOM in Jan. ’11

Local market targeting as a mobile campaign tactic by members of its network grew 15% month-over-month in January 2011, according to the January 2011 SMART Lite Report. Forty-one percent of January 2011 mobile marketing campaigns featured local market targeting, up from about 35% in December 2010.

In addition, both US and UK mobile marketers ranked Mothers’ Day as their top upcoming marketing event. However, US and UK marketers had widely divergent priorities after that. In the US, mobile marketers ranked Memorial Day (which has no UK equivalent) as number two and Fathers’ Day as number three.

Meanwhile, UK marketers ranked the royal wedding (which has no US equivalent but is of interest to some US consumers) as number two and Football Association (FA) Cup as number three (this British soccer tournament also has no US equivalent but does interest some US consumers).


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