Young Most Aware of Geolocation Apps

April 18, 2011

whitehorse-age-awareness-apr-2011.JPGYoung adults have the highest awareness of smartphone geolocation applications, according to a spring 2011 study from digital marketing agency White Horse. Results of “Lost in Geolocation” indicate awareness of location-based apps peaks at more than 60% among US adults age 20-29.

Teens Surpass 50% Awareness

The only other age group with an awareness level of more than 50% is teens age 14-19. Adults age 30-49 have roughly 50% awareness of location-based apps, while less than 30% of adults age 50-79 are aware these applications exist.

Age Less Connected to Geolocation Usage

whitehorse-age-apr-2011.JPGAlthough younger users have significantly higher awareness of location-based apps, the curve of usage and aware non-usage by age is virtually identical. Both peak at more than 50% among adults 20-29 and drop to about 40% among adults 30-49. Usage and aware non-usage levels among teens 14-19 is slightly less than 10%, with aware non-usage hitting the low single digits among adults 50-79.

Usage Frequency Well Below SocNets

whitehorse-interaction-frequency-apr-2011.JPGAs a benchmark, the majority of people who use location-based apps today check-in several times per week, not several times per day, as they do social networks. Only 19% of location-based app users check in at least 1 time per day, as compared to 60% who update their social networking sites with the same frequency.

Furthermore, 12% of the users stopped using location-based services, but virtually none of them stopped using social networking services.

Other Findings

  • Non-users tend to be female (65%), with the majority of comments concerning privacy coming from the women in the survey.
  • More than 99% of location-based app users also utilize social networks like Facebook.
    By contrast, 10% of non-users report that they do not use social networks either.
  • 86% of location-based app users say they interact on social network services at least several times per week, compared to 67% for non-users.

Geolocation Users See Social Benefit

Users of smartphone-based geolcoation apps are most likely to see connecting to other people as their primary benefit, according to other study results. Findings from “Lost in Geolocation” indicate 41% of smartphone owners cite connection to other people they know or could meet as the most important benefit geolocation apps provide.

About the Data: White Horse enlisted survey respondents through an online “workforce,” Mechanical Turk (or “MTurk”) where workers earn small incentives to complete piecework. White Horse submitted the survey as an online “task” for volunteer workers to complete. The survey ran from February 16-23, 2011, and included a total of 437 people. Respondents were required to live in the US, be at least age 14 and own and use a smartphone.

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