Web Radio Users Deeply, Broadly Engaged

April 19, 2011

targetspot-internet-radio-listeners-habits-apr11.gifInternet radio users are deeply and broadly engaged, according to an April 2011 white paper from TargetSpot and Parks Associates. Data from “Digital Audio Usage Trends: A Highly Engaged Listenership” indicates 61% of US internet radio users listen to different stations depending on their mood.

Almost Half Listen to Web Radio from around US

In addition, 48% of internet radio users listen to internet radio from around the US depending on the type of content, and 46% often look at the media player to see the name of a new song or artist. Other popular ways users engage with internet radio include always trying new stations (34%) and using different websites (29%).

More than Half Recall Ads

targetspot-ad-recall-among-internet-radio-listeners-apr11.gifSlightly more than half (52%) of internet radio users will recall an ad, and 40% will respond to one. Popular responses include visiting a company site (17%), searching online for product info (15%), clicking on an ad (13%), and becoming a social networking fan (10%).

Web Radio Users Have Influence

targetspot-internet-radio-influence-apr-2011.JPGInternet radio users often have influence on others around them. About two-thirds (64%) will tell family, friends or coworkers about new products or services they are happy with, and 51% say friends, family or coworkers ask them for advice on the latest technology.
Other ways internet radio users frequently influence others include providing recommendations on restaurants and travel (46%) and forwarding emails and online articles and videos (45%).

Other Findings

  • 59% of internet radio users listen to internet radio one to seven hours a week, 41% listen for eight hours or more.
  • 84% of internet radio users listen for one to three hours a week on a smartphone.
  • Tablet computers have the highest percentage (25%) of internet radio users listening for four or more hours a week.

Internet Radio Users More Engaged in Broadcast Radio

Internet radio users show higher engagement rates in broadcast radio, as well, according to other April 2011 data from TargetSpot and Parks Associates. The largest difference is in rates of listening to broadcast radio eight to14 hours per week, which accounts for 28% of internet radio users but only 18% of non-users.

Internet radio users also hold a slight edge in listening to broadcast radio 15 hours or more per week (17% compared to 16%). Non-users are much more likely to listen to broadcast radio one to seven hours per week (67% compared to 55%).

About the Data: The study was fielded December 22-30, 2010. The sample population included 1,000 US online adults (18-plus) who listen to internet radio at least once a month to daily.


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