Facebook Most Satisfies SMBs

April 25, 2011

borrell-social-satisfied-apr-2011.JPGFacebook is the social network with the highest rates of satisfying small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs), according to a Q1 2011 survey conducted by Borrell Associates. Data from “SMB Survey – Wave 3” indicates that a total of 76.5% of SMBs are somewhat or very satisfied with their Facebook pages.

MySpace Least Satisfies SMBs

In contrast, only about 6.6% of SMBs are very or somewhat satisfied with their MySpace pages, and 78% do not use MySpace. Facebook’s non-usage rate is only about 2%.

Twitter follows Facebook with about 38% of SMBs very or somewhat satisfied with their Twitter page, and another 37% not using Twitter.

2/3 of SMBs Use SocNets for One-to-One

borell-social-communicate-apr-2011.JPGAbout two-thirds (67%) of SMBs use social networks to communicate one-on-one. Twenty-eight percent do not perform one-to-one communication via social networks, and 6% don’t know.

1/3 of SMBs Contacted for Mobile Ads

A little more than one-third (36%) of SMBs have been contacted by an advertiser to conduct mobile-based advertising/marketing campaigns in the past 12 months. Fifty percent have not, and 13% don’t know (total equals less than 100% due to rounding).

Majority of SMBs Haven’t Gone Mobile

A solid 85% majority of SMBs say they have not conducted any mobile advertising/marketing campaigns in the past year. About 12% say they have and 3% don’t know.

More Than Half of SMBs Not Likely to Go Mobile

borell-mobile-incorporate-apr-2011.JPGLooking forward, a smaller 54% majority of SMBs are either not very likely (30%) or not at all likely (24%) to incorporate mobile into their advertising and marketing efforts this year. Another 22% are somewhat likely, with only 12% saying they are very likely to use mobile advertising/marketing, the same percentage who don’t know.

Janrain: Facebook Eclipses Google for SSI

Facebook has eclipsed previous social sign-in favorite Google as the leading social sign-in (SSI) site among users of the Janrain Engage social connection service. During Q1 2011, Janrain recorded a preference for Facebook SSI among 35% of Engage users, compared to 31% who preferred Google.

SSI allows users to sign into a restricted access site using existing sign-in data, rather than having to create a new account.


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