Online Moms Use Facebook, Email

April 27, 2011

lucid-moms-facebook-apr-2011.JPGFacebook and email are the two dominant forms of online communication used by US moms, according to data collected in January 2011 by Lucid Marketing. Results of “How US Moms Share and Spread Information” indicate slightly more than nine in 10 moms use Facebook (93%) and email (91%) to communicate.

1 in 3 Moms Tweet, Blog

A little more than one in three moms use Twitter (36%) and personal blogs (34%). The only other online communication technology used by more than 20% of moms is social network MySpace.

Almost All Moms Check Email Daily

lucid-moms-interact-apr-2011.JPGA near-universal 98% of moms with email accounts check them at least once a day. Other online communication technologies with high daily usage rates by moms include Facebook (84%) and news websites (60%). Interestingly, the good old-fashioned telephone has a 60% daily usage rate among moms, as well.

Moms Learn from Email

lucid-moms-learn-apr-2011.JPGA high percentage of moms often use email as an educational tool. Eighty-three percent of moms said they often learn new things through email, the highest response rate for any means of communication covered by the survey. Facebook ranked second (76%), while non-technological face-to-face meetings came in a close third (73%).

Other popular educational tools among moms include blogs (66%) and TV (65%).

Moms Share Learnings via Face-to-Face, Email

lucid-moms-share-apr-2011.JPGWhen it comes to sharing things they have learned, the largest percentages of moms either often eschew technology and do it face-to-face (84%), or employ email (also 84%). Close to 80% use the phone.

Facebook is the only other medium often used by more than half of moms to share learnings, with 69% using “share” and 67% using “like.”

Significant Others Get Most Info

lucid-moms-spread-apr-2011.JPGWho receives all this information that moms are sharing? Unsurprisingly for anyone in a relationship with a mom, 94% share information with their significant other. Ninety percent share with their best friend(s), and slightly more share with close family (such as a mother or sister).
The other two groups of people in a mom’s life most likely to get information from them are girlfriends (86%) and other parents (78%).

BabyCenter: Moms Love Smartphones

American moms are more likely than overall women own a smartphone, according to previously released data from BabyCenter. The “21st Century Mobile Mom Report” indicates 53% of moms say they purchased a smartphone as a direct result of becoming a mom. This makes moms 18% more likely than overall women to have a smartphone, and smartphone adoption by moms has grown 64% in the last two years.

About the Data: Survey data was collected in January 2011 from 514 mothers who are members of the online community


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