8 in 10 Online Video Viewers White

April 28, 2011

nielsen-online-video-viewers-by-ethnicity-may11.gifAlmost eight in 10 (77.9%) US online video viewers are white, according to [pdf] data collected in November 2010 by The Nielsen Company. Hispanics represent the second-largest ethnic market for online video consumption, representing 12.1% of online video viewers.

Asians Have Low Online Video Usage Rate

African-Americans follow Hispanics with a 10.6% share of the US online video market. Other ethnic groups combine for 7% of the market, well ahead of both Asians (3.5%) and Native Americans (1%).

144M Americans View Online Video

In total, Nielsen data shows 143.9 million Americans viewed video online in January 2011, spending an average of four hours and 39 minutes viewing video on PCs/laptops. The overall online video audience skews female (54%).

Mobile Video Popularity Jumps 41%

In Q4 2010, 301 million Americans used a mobile phone; of those mobile subscribers, 24.7 million watched video on a mobile phone. This marks a 41% increase from roughly 17.5 million mobile video viewers in Q4 2009.

Nielsen analysis indicates the growing popularity of mobile video is due, in part, to the rapid adoption of media-friendly mobile devices, including smartphones, which make up 30% of the marketplace.

Teens Consume Most Mobile Video

Younger consumers ages 12-17 are the heaviest mobile video viewers, watching an average of seven hours and 13 minutes of mobile video a month during Q4 2010. Mobile subscribers on average watched four hours and 20 minutes of mobile video a month in Q4 2010.

comScore: Fewer Monthly Unique Viewers Watch More Videos

comScore Video Metrix data shows that 174 million US internet users watched online video content in March 2011 for an average of 14.8 hours (888 minutes) per viewer. The total US internet audience engaged in more than 5.7 billion viewing sessions during the course of the month.

Unique viewers were up 2.5% from 169.65 million in February 2011 and down about 3% from 180.2 million in March 2010. Viewing sessions were up 15% from about 5 billion the prior month, and average time per user was up about 9% from 816.4 minutes.


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