Android Captures 54% of Q1 Smartphone Impressions

May 5, 2011

millenial-media-impresssion-share-q1-may11.gifFifty-four percent of smartphone impressions on the Millennial Media mobile network during Q1 2011 occurred on devices running the Android OS, according to [sign-in page] the Q1 2011 Millennial Media SMART Report. This was slightly more than twice the impression share captured by Android’s closest rival, iOS (26%).

The only other smartphone OS with a sizable impression share in Q1 2011 was RIM (Blackberry), which garnered 17% of impressions. In addition, smartphones captured 62% of all mobile impressions on the Millennial network during the quarter, followed by feature phones (23%) and connected devices (15%).

Almost Half of Mobile Campaigns Lead Traffic to Site

millenial-media-campaign-destination-mix-q1-2011-may11.gifClose to half of all mobile campaigns on the Millennial network during Q1 2011 (47%) led traffic back to the advertiser’s site, with 32% leading to a custom landing page and 21% resulting in an application download.

Demographic Ads Most Popular

By a margin of about 10%, demographic mobile ads were the most popular method of targeting an audience during Q1 2011 (46%) on the Millennial network. In contrast, 42% of targeted mobile ads during the quarter targeted a local market, and 12% targeted a behavioral audience.

Overall, 56% of ads were broad reach and 44% targeted an audience.

Market Presence, Leads Most Popular Campaign Goals

millennial-campaign-goals-q1-11-may-2011.jpgThe most popular goals of mobile campaigns on the Millennial network during Q1 2011 were sustained in-market presence (29%) and lead generation/registrations (27%). The only other goal with a double-digit share in terms of number of campaigns run with it in mind was product launch/release (24%).

Other Q1 Findings

  • New Year’s Day was the most popular holiday for mobile usage.
  • 78% of campaigns were cross-platform.
  • Product releases made up 75% of video campaigns.
  • The number of campaigns grew 107% year-over-year.

Nielsen: Android Takes Lead as Desired Smartphone OS

Android has taken the lead on Apple iOS as the most desired OS for consumers planning on getting a new smartphone in the next year, according to Q1 2011 data from The Nielsen Company. Thirty-one percent of consumers desire the Android OS, narrowly beating the 30% who want iOS.


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