Tablet Users Buy/Browse Online More than Smartphone Users

May 18, 2011

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etailing-online-browsing-and-buying-may11.gifTablet users who spend $250 or more online annually are more likely to engage in online buying/browsing behavior than smartphone users who spend this amount, according to [sign-in] a March 2011 study from the etailing group and Coffee Table. Data from “The ‘Shopping Mindset’ of the Mobile Consumer” indicates tablet users are more likely than smartphone users to engage in online buying and/or browsing on a daily, weekly, several times per month, and monthly basis than smartphone users.

Conversely, smartphone users are more likely to engage in such activities four or more times a year, less than four times a year, and never.

Tablet Users More Likely to Have Made Recent Multiple Purchases

etailing-online-purchases-on-mobile-device-may11.gifTablet users are more likely than smartphone users to say they have made three to five, six to 10, and more than 10 online purchases in the last six months. Smartphone users are slightly more likely to have made one purchase in the last six months and 64% more likely to have made no online purchases (36% compared to 22%).

Tablet Users See Value in Shopping Functions

etail-tablet-value-may-2011.JPGA high percentage of tablet users see value in a variety of tablet-based shopping functions. More than 50% rated receiving product/promotion alerts, browsing catalogs, a free app marketplace to browse and discover new catalogs, receiving new catalogs automatically, purchasing from multiple catalogs with a single checkout and managing subscriptions to individual catalogs as very to somewhat valuable.

Tablets Most Seen Ideal for Research, Browsing

etail-tablet-behavior-may-2011.JPGMore than 50% of tablet users say tablets are ideal for researching products before making final purchases and ideal for browsing catalogs and retailers. Slightly less than 50% say tablets are ideal for purchasing from catalogs and retailers.

Aggregator Service Apps Most Downloaded

etail-tablet-apps-may-2011.JPGThe highest percentage of tablet users (more than 50%) have downloaded an aggregator service app at least once. More than 50% have also downloaded a standalone retail store app and group shopping app at least once. Slightly less than half have downloaded an app from a comparison shopping engine at least once.

Pew: Under 56 Key Tablet Age Range

As of September 2010, 4% of American adults own a tablet computer such as an iPad, according to a study from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Data from “Generations and Their Gadgets” indicates that though education and household income are high predictors for owning a tablet computer, they are also more popular with adults age 56 and younger (who are significantly more likely to own a tablet computer than adults age 66 and older).

About the Data: An online survey was fielded in February, 2011 targeting shoppers who spent $250 or more online annually; currently owning a smartphone and/or a tablet.


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