North American Marketers Embrace Social Media

May 18, 2011

unica-social-media-marketing-may11.gifNorth American marketers’ use of social media channels outpaces European usage by more than 100%, according to [pdf] a study conducted in Q4 2010 by Unica. Data from “The State of Marketing 2011” indicates 66% of North American marketers, but only 31% of European marketers, currently use social media.

Europeans 5x More Likely to Have No Plans

As would be expected considering their much lower current usage rate, European marketers have higher rates of planning to use social media, both within and in more than the next 12 months. However, the percentage of Europeans with no plans for social media (22%) is more than five times that of Americans (4%).

3rd Party Social Media Dominates

unica-3rd-party-may-2011.JPGThird party social networking sites rank highest on the list of social media marketing options at 60%; other outside options such as microblogging, social sharing links, and blogs are all also popular with more than 50% of marketers. Only 46% use company-hosted online communities. Not all outside social media options are widely popular, however; only 20% currently use location-based games.

Social Tactics Are Varyingly Siloed

unica-silo-may-2011.JPGIn the case of social media, program integration varied considerably across tactical options. At 62%, “social sharing links in email and web offers” shows real traction with integration, while company-hosted communities (43%) and Twitter (42%) are the most widely orphaned social tactics. Almost half of marketers (48%) integrate pages on third-party social media sites such as Facebook, while more than half integrate applications and widgets (55%) and ads (54%) on those sites.

9 in10 Marketers Use/Plan to Use Social Media

A combined 89% of marketers use (53%) or plan to use (36%) social media marketing, according to other study data. which indicates of those planning to use social media, 26% plan to use it in the next 12 months and 10% plan to use it more than 12 months out.

About the Data: 279 online and direct marketing professionals participated in Unica’s Annual Marketing Survey. North America represents respondents from the US & Canada. Europe represents respondents from eight European countries that are large technology markets. 179 surveys were completed using the large random research panels and 100 surveys were completed from Unica-supplied sample sources of customers and prospects. Online surveys were conducted in Q4 2010.


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