Smartphones Represent 7 in 10 Impressions

May 19, 2011

millenial-media-device-os-mix-april11-may11.gifSmartphones represented almost seven in 10 (68%) of the connected device impressions on the Millennial Media network in April 2011, according to [sign-in] its April Mobile Mix report. The remaining 32% impression share was equally split between feature phones and connected devices.

Of smartphones on the Millennial network, the two most popular platforms by share of impressions were Android (53%) and iOS (28%).

Combined WiFi Leads All Carriers

millenial-media-device-input-mix-and-carrier-mix-apr11-may11.gifA combination of the various WiFi providers was the carrier with the largest share (29%) of devices on the Millennial network. Verizon followed with 19%, while Sprint-Nextel held 11% and AT&T and T-Mobile held 10% each.

6 in 10 Impressions via Touchscreen

Six in 10 impressions on the Millennial network during April 2011 were from connected devices that had touchscreen input. Another 16% had combined touchscreen/QWERTY input, while QWERTY and keypad devices represented a 12% impression share each.

Apple Makes Strong Impression

millennial-top-manufacturers-apr-11-may-2011.JPGApple, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, represented 32% of the top 15 manufacturers impression share in April. Samsung is the number two device manufacturer on the top 15 manufacturers ranking for the third consecutive month, followed by HTC and RIM.

Apple iPhone Generates 1 in 5 Impressions

millennial-top-mobile-phones-apr-11-may-2011.JPGThe Apple iPhone was clearly the most popular mobile phone on the Millennial network in April, responsible for about 20% of all impressions. This was four times the impression share of the number two mobile phone, Blackberry Curve (5%).

HTC had the most devices on the top 20 mobile phone list (7), followed by Motorola (4) and Samsung and RIM (3 each). For the first time since starting the Mobile Mix report in June 2010 (using May data), Millennial found that all top 20 mobile phones on its network were smartphones.

Other Findings

  • iOS held a 50% share of platform revenue on the Millennial network during April, followed by Android (39%) and RIM (9%).
  • The most popular mobile application category by impressions was games, followed by mobile social networking.

Smartphone Share Grows 6% MOM

Looking at the types of mobile devices running on the Millennial network in March 2011, smartphones accounted for almost two-thirds (64%) of impressions, with feature phones (19%) barely more popular than other connected devices (17%). This means smartphones grew in popularity 6% month-over-month.


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