YouTube Only Top US Website to Gain MOM Visitors

May 25, 2011

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nielsen-web-brands-apr-11-may-2011.JPGWhile it placed fifth in the top 10 most-visited US websites of April 2011, YouTube was the only site on the list to record a month-over-month increase in unique visitors, according to data from The Nielsen Company. YouTube attracted almost 106.4 million unique visitors, up 1.1% from March.

Microsoft Records Biggest Visitor Decline Rate

Microsoft, which placed sixth with about 82.4 million unique visitors, lost 6.4% of its March unique visitor total. This was the highest rate of any site on the top 10 list. Google, which placed first with about 150.4 million unique visitors, had a 1.2% month-over-month decline in unique visitors. Facebook, which followed with about 134 million unique visitors, also lost 1.2% of its unique visitors month-over-month.

Facebook Dominates in Average Monthly Time

While Facebook ranked second in terms of overall audience, it clearly came in first in terms of average monthly time per visitor, with almost six hours and 24 minutes. This almost triple the average monthly time of two hours and 15 minutes recorded by its closest competitor Yahoo. Facebook had a 3% month-over-month decline in average monthly time.

YouTube, AOL See Bump in Average Monthly Time

The only two sites on the list of 10 most-visited sites to record increased in their average monthly time per person compared to March were YouTube (about an hour and 20 minutes, up 2.9%) and AOL Media Network (about two hours and 33 minutes, up 4.7%).

Microsoft also had the largest rate of month-over-month decline in its average time per visitor (about 38 minutes, down 11%). The average Google visitor spent about an hour and 20 minutes during the course of the month, down 2.6% from March.

Web Usage Slightly Decreases in April

nielsen-internet-usage-apr-11-may-2011.JPGWhile 194.8 million Americans went online in April, overall web use is down 2.4% from March. Not surprisingly, with the shorter month US consumers spent slightly less time online on average (-3.8%) in April, and visited fewer unique sites compared to the month prior. Despite the slight monthly decline in time spent, Nielsen estimates that internet access at home and work grew to 244 million individuals in the US during April 2011.

YouTube, Facebook Post Sharp YOY Visitor Growth

While many of the most-visited sites in April 2011 posted similar unique visitor totals in April 2010, YouTube and Facebook had significantly more visitors this year. YouTube went from 94 million visitors to 106.4 million visitors, a 13% increase; while Facebook recorded about 134 million visitors this year but about 122.3 million visitors last year, a close to 10% increase.

On the other side of the spectrum, AOL Media Network went from about 80 million visitors to 72 million visitors, a 10% year-over-year decline.

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