Lead Gen Top Mobile Campaign Goal

June 3, 2011

millennial-campaign-goals-apr-11-june-2011.JPGThirty percent of the mobile ad campaigns conducted via the Millennial Media network in April 2011 had an advertiser goal of lead generation, according to [sign-in page] the June 2011 SMART Report. Sustained in-market presence closely followed as the advertiser goal of 29% of Millennial mobile campaigns.

Advertisers in another 17% of the campaigns had a goal of launching or releasing a product, and 13% of the campaigns had an advertiser goal of brand awareness.

Traffic to Site Primary Advertiser Campaign Destination

smart-ad-campaign-apr-11-june-2011.JPGAlmost half (49%) of April 2011 mobile campaigns on the Millennial network had an advertiser goal of driving traffic to a site, with the remaining campaigns having a fairly even split between the goals of application download (26%) and driving traffic to a custom landing page (25%).

Broad Reach Narrowly Beats Targeted Audience Reach

smart-campaign-targeting-apr-11-june-2011.JPGA slight majority (52%) of mobile campaigns conducted on the Millennial network in April 2011 had a broad reach, with the remaining 48% reaching a targeted audience. Of those targeted campaigns, 56% targeted a local market, while 34% targeted a demographic and only 10% targeted a behavioral audience.

Retailers Want to Sustain Market Presence

smart-retail-goals-apr-11-june-2011.JPGTaking a specific look at retail ad campaigns conducted on the Millennial network during April 2011, the SMART Report finds a commanding 41% had the goal of sustaining in-market presence, almost double the 21% designed to increase brand awareness.

Dept. Stores Top Mobile Retail Vertical

Looking at mobile campaigns by retail vertical, the report finds 22% of campaigns in April were conducted by department stores, followed by computers/electronics and home and garden stores (17% each).

Traffic to Site Less Popular in April ’10

Examining trends recorded by Millennial Media in April 2010 (also available via sign-in page), it becomes apparent driving traffic to a site has significantly grown in popularity. Only 38% of mobile campaigns on the Millennial network drove traffic to a site during that month, meaning traffic to site has grown 29% in popularity during the past year.


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