Gaming Devices/MP3 Players Generate 7 in 10 Connected Device Impressions

June 16, 2011

millennial-connected-device-mix-may-11-june-2011.JPGMobile gaming devices and MP3 players combined to generate 70% of the connected device impressions on the Millennial Media network in May 2011, according to [sign-in] the May 2011 Millennial Media Mobile Mix Report. Tablets accounted for another 29%.

Smartphones Account for 2 in 3 Mobile Impressions

millennial-device-os-mix-may-11-june-2011.JPGCombining smartphones, feature phones and connected devices, Millennial finds that smartphones accounted for two in three (67%) mobile impressions on the Millennial network in May 2011. Feature phones (17%) and connected devices (16%) were responsible for virtually equal shares.

Android Top Smartphone OS

In May 2011, Android smartphones generated 53% of all smartphone impressions on the Millennial network. This was almost twice the share of its closest competitor, iOS (27%), while RIM was a distant third with 17% of smartphone impressions for the month.

WiFi Carriers Support Almost 1/3 of Devices

millennial-carrier-mix-may-11-june-2011.JPGMultiple WiFi carriers combined to support 31% of all mobile devices on the Millennial network in May 2011. This was almost a 75% greater share than the 18% share of WiFi’s closest rival, Verizon.

6 in 10 Mobile Devices Touchscreen

Six in 10 mobile devices running on the Millennial network in May 2011 had a touchscreen interface. Another 15% were Touchscreen/QWERTY and 14% were QWERTY, while only 11% had a keypad interface.

Apple, Android Apps in Virtual Tie

Apple (45%) and Android (43%) apps were in a virtual tie for platform share of apps on the Millennial network in May 2011. RIM (Blackberry) apps only accounted for 9%.

Other Findings

  • Apple devices generated almost 31% of all mobile impressions on the Millennial network in May. Samsung devices generated close to 14%, while RIM devices generated about 13%.
  • Apple iPhone was the most popular mobile phone by impressions on the Millennial network in May, generating more than 16%. Blackberry Curve followed with about 6%, and then Motorola Droid produced close to 2.5%.
  • All top 20 mobile phones on the Millennial network in May were smartphones.

WiFi Share Grows 7% MOM, 36% YOY

Combined WiFi carriers supported 29% of all mobile devices on the Millennial network in April 2011, meaning WiFi’s carrier share grew about 7% month-over-month. Verizon followed with 19%.

More impressive is WiFi’s 36% share growth from May 2010 [pdf], when WiFi carriers supported 22% of all mobile devices on the Millennial network. Verizon followed with a 20% share, meaning it has lost 10% of its carrier market in the past year.


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