Bing Steals Google Search Share

June 20, 2011

compete-web-search-share-may-april-yoy-jun11.gifYear-over-year trends in the US online search market during May 2011 make it clear that in the past year, Bing has been rapidly growing at the expense of perennial search leader Google, according to data from Compete. Microsoft, primarily representing Bing, increased its US search market share about 75%, from 9.7% in May 2010 to 17% in May 2011.

Google Loses 14% Share YOY

Meanwhile, Google lost 14% of its search market share in the same timeframe, dropping from 73.9% to 63.6%. As the other three search engines in the top five market share list either gained share or stayed flat, clearly Bing has primarily been poaching search customers from Google.

MOM Share Trends More Moderate

On a month-over-month basis, Google and Microsoft both lost less than a percentage point of search market share, while Yahoo gained less than a percentage point. However, because Yahoo is powered by Bing, Bing-powered search share slightly grew, as well.

UV, Query Trends Mimic Share Trends

Not surprisingly, trends in growth of unique visitors and search queries for Google and Microsoft mimicked trends in market share. Microsoft grew its unique visitor total 53% year-over-year, from 61 million to 93 million. Meanwhile, Google lost 14.7% of its unique visitors, going from 162 million to 138 million.

And Microsoft increased its year-over-year search query totals 78.3%, from 1.4 million to 2.5 million; while Google saw its search query totals drop 12.4%, from 10.9 million to 9.5 million. Month-over-month trends for both engines were much more moderate.

comScore: Yahoo Total Core Search Queries Rise 17% MOM

Yahoo saw its total core search queries rise 17% between April and May 2011, from about 3.24 billion to almost 3.79 billion, according to qSearch data from comScore. No other of the top five US search engines experienced anything close to this type of month-over-month core search query growth, according to comScore metrics.compete-search-may-11-june-2011.JPG


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