Asians Lead Cable, Telco TV Distribution

June 27, 2011

nielsen-television-distribution-sources-by-ethnicity-jun11.gifAsians are the US TV viewers most likely to have access to TV by both wired cable and telco sources, according to data collected by The Nielsen Company. Data from “The Cross-Platform Report” indicates that 65% of Asians have wired cable TV access, while 9% have telco access.

Hispanics Lead in Satellite, Broadcast Access

Meanwhile, Hispanics lead in having satellite access to TV (35%), as well as broadcast-only access (15%). African-Americans do not lead any category, but come in second in wired cable (63%) and broadcast-only (11%) access. Whites and African-Americans tie for second in telco access (7%), while whites are second in satellite access (31%).

Ninety-one percent of TV households paid for a TV subscription in Q1 2011.

HDTV Penetration Grows 21% YOY

nielsen-tv-devices-q1-11-june2011.JPGBetween Q1 2010, when 62.4 million US TV households had at least one HDTV, and Q1 2011, when 75.5 million had at least one HDTV, HDTV penetration grew 21%. DVD players were the most common of four devices tracked in TV households by Nielsen with about 99.9 million households having at least one DVD player. However, this number declined almost 1% from 100.8 million in Q1 2010.

Meanwhile, DVR penetration grew 14% year-over-year, from 38.4 million households to 43.7 million households, while video games showed modest growth.

Telco TV Distribution Grows 27% YOY

nielsen-mkt-break-june-2011.JPGWhile the number of US TV households with telco TV access remained small at about 7.6 million in Q1 2011, this represented 27% growth from about 6 million in Q1 2010. Satellite access grew 4%, from 32.9 million households to 34.3 million households.

Cable remained the dominant access method with about 62.6 million households in Q1 2011, but this number declined 3.5% from 64.9 million a year earlier. Broadcast-only access remained virtually flat.

Broadband Access Grows in TV Households

nielsen-cable-satellite-internet-q1-11-june-2011.JPGThe incidence of broadband access grew 5% in cable/satellite TV households in Q1 2011 (from 74.8 million to 78.5 million) and 18% in broadcast-only TV households (3.8 million to 4.5 million).

Concurrently, cable/satellite TV households lacking broadband access dropped 8.6%, from 28 million to 25.6 million, and broadcast-only households dropped 10%, from 6.8 million to 6.1 million.

CEA: TV Dominant Video Device

TV remains the most popular device for viewing video content, according to a market research brief based on a December 2010 survey from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). CEA research finds nine in ten (93%) US households view content on a TV, followed by computers (49%), car video entertainment (13%), cell phones/smartphones (13%) and MP3 players (11%).

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