Top Viral Videos – June 2011

July 1, 2011

unruly-top-10-viral-videos-june2011-jul11.gifHumorous videos dominated the list of 10 most-shared viral videos of June 2011 compiled by Unruly Media. Five of the top 10 videos used humor to get their message across.

‘Angry Birds’ Go Live

Topping the list was a promotional video from T-Mobile highlighting the phenomenally popular “Angry Birds” mobile video games. Purportedly actual video of a promotional event held in Barcelona, Spain in May, the clip shows Angry Birds players at a kiosk in a public square which broadcasts their gameplay on a giant screen, followed by the eruption of large plastic bird heads into the square (this video is better watched than explained).

Number two was a commercial featuring the wisecracking baby from online stock brokerage E-Trade which originally aired during the 2011 Super Bowl broadcast in February. E-Trade has had success with these ads during the years, going through at least two baby “spokesmen” who discourse on subjects such as golf wagers and juggling multiple girlfriends, and several of these commercials have landed on top 10 viral video lists compiled by both Unruly Media and goviral.

Another video featuring a baby supposedly playing a guitar-based video game from Rocksmith also made the top 10 list, as well as a clip promoting the British musical “Two Boys” which shows a man wandering London acting out online social networking in real life, showing strangers picture albums, asking to write on their walls and literally “following” Twitter members.

In addition, a promotional video for the new “Star Wars”-themed Star Tours attraction at Disney World shows Darth Vader and two Stormtrooper bodyguards enjoying a day at Disney before Vader forces open the Star Tours ride using mental telepathy. It is worth noting that a Darth Vader-themed clip promoting Volkswagen was on the Unruly top 10 viral video list for the first few months of this year.

Sports Surprisingly Absent

Typically humorous videos occupy several spots on the Unruly Media list, but also sports-themed videos often fill five to six spots. In June, only one strictly sports-themed video, a promotion for BMW featuring some impressive stunt driving, made the list. A clip promoting the Samsung Galaxy touchscreen tablet with a young man showing extreme flexibility with his arms and hands could also loosely be considered sports-themed in nature.

Melanoma Still a Hot Topic

Fittingly, as beach weather approaches, a powerful video from the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund makes the list for the second straight month, falling from first to third place. It begins with a series of adults advising their 16-year-old selves to do things like avoid whiskey and the new “Star Wars” trilogy. However, the video quickly reveals that all the adults are melanoma survivors, through graphic footage of spots on their bodies where melanoma lesions had to be surgically removed. The real message to 16-year-olds – don’t be foolish when it comes to sun exposure.

Bieber, Violent Video Games Return

In May, promotional videos for a Justin Bieber fragrance and the violent video game “Call of Duty” were on the top 10 list. In June, Justin Bieber returned in a video spot for the Google Chrome browser, while a clip showcasing the violent medieval video game “Assassin’s Creed” also got a nod.

Top 10 Most-shared Online Videos June 2011

1. T-Mobile – Angry Birds Live
2. E-Trade – Super Bowl Commercial w/Baby
3. David Cornfield Melanoma Fund – Dear 16-Year-Old Me
4. BMW – Walls – M-Powered Performance Part 1
5. Samsung – Unleash Your Fingers
6. Rocksmith – Guitar Baby
7. E3 – Assassin’s Creed Revelations
8. Two Boys – Can I Be Your Friend?
9. Disney – Star Tours: Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland
10. Google Chrome – Justin Bieber


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