Mobile Auto Content Consumers Have High Access

July 5, 2011

millenial-media-mobile-access-to-automotive-content-jul11.gifAmong the US individuals who consumed automotive content on their mobile devices during May 2011, access frequency was high, according to [sign-in page] the May 2011 Millennial Media SMART Report. Twenty-two percent of this group accessed the content almost every day, with 33% accessing mobile auto content once per week and 45% accessing this content one to three times per month.

Mobile Auto Content Users Highly Reachable

smart-mobile-auto-access-frequency-may-11-july-2011.JPGAuto intenders can be reached via auto-focused sites and apps, but Millennial data shows they can also be reached on a variety of content channels, including mobile weather (88%), tech news (80%), movie information (79%), news (78%) and sports information (74%), among others, at rates four to eight times higher than the overall mobile audience.

New Car Launch Leading Mobile Auto Campaign Goal

smart-automotive-campaign-may-11-july-2011.JPGLooking at goals of mobile campaigns aimed at automotive users, the highest percentage (36%) are designed around product launches and releases of new cars. Other popular goals include increasing foot traffic to dealerships (29%) and sustaining in-market presence of national auto brands (23%).

Targeting of mobile auto campaigns is pretty evenly divided among demographic audience (36%), local market audience (33%) and behavioral audience (31%).

Mobile Auto Advertisers Favor Site Search, Store Locator, Viewing Map

smart-auto-postclick-may-11-july-2011.JPGTwo-thirds (67%) of mobile auto campaigns feature a post-click action of site search, store locator, and/or viewing a map. These rates are all from three to more than four times as high as the rates of overall mobile campaigns featuring these post-click actions.

Meanwhile, mobile auto advertisers are only about one-fifth as likely (7% compared to 34%) to have a post-click action of enrolling/joining. Mobile auto advertisers also have much lower rates of including mobile social media and application download, but are close to 50% more likely to have placing a call as a post-click action.


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