Lady Gaga Provokes Mixed Brand Reaction

July 15, 2011

networked-inisghts-lady-gaga-positive-negative-july-2011.JPGDespite her high popularity and music sales, the pop performer Lady Gaga provokes a mixed reaction to her brand among US consumers, according to analysis from Networked Insights. Data from “Social Intelligence Report: Lady Gaga” indicates 39% of consumers have a negative reaction, while 32% have a positive reaction and 29% have a neutral or unsure reaction.

Lady Gaga Demographics Hold Some Surprises

networked-insights-lady-gaga-demographics-july-2011.JPGLooking at the demographic makeup of vocal Lady Gaga fans, the study finds that 52% are women and 48% are men, which is not surprising. However, despite her reputation for being popular among tweens and teens, the largest percentage of her fans (28%) are between the ages of 35-44. Only a combined 16% are between 0 and 24. About two-thirds (64%) are 35 or older.

Most Lady Gaga Fans are Middle Income

Examining the household income of Lady Gaga fans, the study finds a combined 60% earn between $25,000 and $74,999 annually. Only 9% earn less than $25,000, with 5% earning $150,000 or more.

8 in 10 Lady Gaga Fans Have Attended College

A combined 80% of Lady Gaga fans have attended college, with 44% having some college education but no degree. Another 25% have a bachelor’s degree and 11% have completed post-graduate studies.

Lady Gaga Engagement Peaks with Single/Video Releases

lady-gaga-engagement-july-2011.JPGNot too surprisingly, fan social media engagement with the Lady Gaga brand since November 2010 has peaked with the release of major singles and videos. Namely, the release of “Born This Way” in February 2011, the release of the “Judas” single in April 2011, and the release of the “Judas” video in May 2011.

Twitalyzer: Gaga, Bieber Lead Twitter Pack

The two most-followed Twitter users are musical performers who have gained fame within the past few years, according to a ranking by social media analysis service Twitalyzer. Lady Gaga is number one with almost 9.1 million followers, with Justin Bieber coming in second with about 8.3 million followers. It is worth noting that Bieber, rather than following more traditional routes to a musical career, first got noticed by posting videos of himself performing on the social network

In addition, musical performers Britney Spears (number four), Katy Perry (number eight) and Taylor Swift (number nine) made the list.


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