CollegeHumor Network, Netflix Entertain Online Video Viewers

July 22, 2011

nielsen-top-online-video-brands2-jun11-jul11.gifOf the 10 most-viewed US online video brands in June 2011, only TheCollegeHumor Network and Netflix did not report declining month-over-month unique viewership, according to Nielsen Company data. TheCollegeHumor Network grew its unique audience 23%, from 11.8 million to 14.5 million, jumping from eighth to sixth place in the process.

Netflix Outfoxes Fox

Meanwhile, Netflix, which did not appear on the May 2011 top 10 online video brand viewership list, took ninth place in June with almost 8 million unique viewers, displacing Fox Interactive Network. There were no other major changes in the top 10 listing; 10th place CNN Digital Network reported the steepest rate of viewer decline (16.2%).

Dailymotion Boosts Streams

nielsen-top-online-video-destinations-jun11-jul11.gifIn terms of month-over-month growth in total streams, Dailymotion was the only provider on the top 10 list to report a substantial rate of increase, growing 21.7% from 150.34 million to 183.03 million but remaining in sixth place. With the exception of Turner-SI Digital Network displacing CBS Entertainment websites in the 10th spot, there were no changes in the order of the top 10 streaming providers.

Netflix More than Doubles Time of Closest Rival

nielsen-online-video-time-jun-11-july-2011.JPGUS video viewers spent more time on average watching video on Netflix than on any other site – 8 hours, 34 minutes, which is more than twice the amount of time spent watching content on Hulu, the #2 site by time per viewer in June.

CBS Sports saw the largest increase in the average amount of time US viewers spent viewing video on the site, up 87% from May.

Summer Viewership Declines

nielsen-online-video-usage-jun-11-july-2011.JPGIn what Nielsen says is typical for the summer months with school out of session, the end of the TV season and vacationing Americans, the number of online video viewers in the US decreased slightly in June to 142.6 million unique viewers. Streaming activity was also down 4% from the prior month, with 14.5 billion video streams in June.

Even though fewer people in the US viewed video online during the month, users spent more total time watching – four and a half hours on average during the month, an increase of 4% from May.

June 2010 Most Viewed Site List Looks Different

The list of most-viewed online video providers in June 2010 shows some changes in viewer preference. The providers Google, Fox Interactive Media and ESPN Digital Network were listed in June 2010 but not 2011. Most significantly, Vevo is now number two on the June 2011 list after not appearing a year ago, and AOL Media Network and Netflix are also 2011 list members that were not included in June 2010.

YouTube was the dominant provider in terms of total unique viewers in both years, although its advantage compared to its number two rival has slipped from almost 279% to 201%.

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