iPad Dominates Planned Corporate, Consumer Tablet Purchases

September 14, 2011

changewave-corp-tablets-sep-2011.JPGThe majority of businesses and consumers planning on buying a tablet device intend to buy an Apple iPad, according to data released in September 2011 by ChangeWave Research. Among corporate buyers, demand for iPad has remained steady since May 2011, while demand for Motorola and RIM/Blackberry has substantially decreased.

Eighty percent of businesses planning to buy a tablet device said they would buy an iPad in Both May and August 2011. However, the percentage planning to buy a Motorola tablet dropped 60%, from 10% to 4%. Similarly, the percentage planning to buy a RIM/Blackberry tablet declined 62.5%, from 8% to 3%.

The percentages of businesses planning to buy Samsung and Dell tablets climbed slightly, while the HP touchpad had been preferred by 10% of future corporate buyers but was subsequently discontinued.

iPad Dominates Consumer Plans Even More

changewave-consumer-tablets-sep-2011.JPGThe Apple iPad is even more dominant among consumers, judging by results of an August 2011 survey asking consumers planning a tablet purchase which tablet they intend to buy. Eighty-five percent of consumers plan to buy an iPad.

No other tablet manufacturer has significant share of planned future consumer purchases. However, the Samsung Galaxy leads iPad’s competitors with 4% of consumers planning a Galaxy purchase, followed by RIM Playbook (2%) and Motorola Xoom (1%). In addition, 2% of future consumer tablet buyers preferred the HP touchpad, which was subsequently discontinued.

iPad Satisfaction Drives Future Purchase Plans

A key reason for the iPad lead is found in its customer satisfaction rating. ChangeWave data indicates 70% of consumer iPad owners say they’re very satisfied with their tablet device. That figure is 67% more than the very satisfied rating of all of the other manufacturers combined (42%).

Android Kindle Could Pose iPad Challenge

A competitive tablet device may be in the offing, with Amazon reportedly planning a new Android-based Kindle tablet for the fall. To measure the potential impact of such a device, ChangeWave asked respondents how likely they would be to purchase a Kindle tablet.

A total of 2%said they’re very likely and 12% somewhat likely to buy a Kindle tablet when it becomes available. Based on this response, ChangeWave says it’s clear that the consumer demand is there if Amazon can produce a competitive tablet device. Moreover, Amazon’s huge base of Kindle e-reader users gives them a considerable leg up for entering the tablet market.

In sum, while no other manufacturer has been able to challenge Apple’s stranglehold on the tablet market to date, the survey shows Amazon may have the consumer interest to succeed where others have failed, if they can build a competitive tablet product.

Jobs Resignation Has Little Effect on Consumer Plans

Only 4% of consumer say Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple makes them less likely to buy Apple products in the future, while 89% say it’s having no effect on their purchasing of Apple products. In contrast, when asked a similar question during Steve Jobs’ first leave of absence back in 2008, nearly one in five respondents (18%) said they would be less likely to buy Apple products if Jobs stepped down.

Retrevo: Half of Tablet Purchases Planned for iPad

Half of respondents to a June 2011 Retrevo survey who planned to purchase a tablet computer said they intended to buy an iPad. This made iPad more than twice as popular as its nearest competitor, an Android tablet. Nineteen percent mentioned more than one tablet choice, while a combined 10% planned to buy some other type of tablet.

About the Data: ChangeWave Research surveyed 1,618 corporate IT buyers August 10-29, 2011, 2,969 consumers during August 2011 for the tablet question, and 2,297 consumers September 6-12, 2011 for the Steve Jobs question.


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