Study: Network Radio Reaches Valuable US Audiences

October 9, 2007

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Network radio reaches nearly three-fourths of Americans age 12+ each week – and, particularly, 74% of the coveted 25-54 demographic – according to the 2007 edition of Arbitron‘s “Network Radio Today” report, which includes data from RADAR studies.

The 25-54 age group constitutes more than half of network radio’s audience, according to the data. And Network radio reaches a nearly equal percentage of adult men (73%) and women (72%).


The report profiles network radio – organizations that provide programs, services and commercials to local affiliate radio stations – from a national viewpoint, outlining its strength as a medium and analyzing listening behavior for several socioeconomic groups.

Among the data released in “Network Radio Today”:

  • Nearly 125 million Adults 18+ (55%) listen to network radio in their cars each week.
  • In-car listening accounts for 35% of all network radio listening by Adults 18+.
  • Some 40% of Adults 18+ listen to network radio at home.
  • Most – 60% – of listening is outside the home. 


  • Network radio reaches 7 of 10 US college graduates.
  • Three quarters of those who have attended “some college,” including those still attending, listen to network radio.


  • Network radio reaches 74% of those with household incomes of $50,000 or more.
  • Those with annual household incomes of more than $75,000 make up 28% of network radio’s Adult 18+ audience.


The Arbitron report contains additional audience data, including by county size and segments such as working women, African Americans and Hispanic Americans.


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