For Mobile Ad Monetization, iOS Remains King, Despite Rising Android Challenge

February 12, 2013

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Opera-Mobile-Monetization-Performance-by-Device-in-Q4-Feb2013Among mobile platforms, Apple’s iOS leads in monetization performance on the Opera Advertising mobile platform, as Opera details [pdf] in a report covering platform activity in Q4. Noting that overall impressions and publisher revenue more than doubled in Q4 over any other quarter, the report reveals that while Android overtook the iPhone in mobile phone impression share, the iPhone generated 37.3% of publisher revenue compared to 30% for Android.

Overall, as in Q3, iOS devices had the higher effective cost-per-thousand impressions, leading to their greater share of publisher revenue. In total, iOS devices accounted for slightly more than half (51%) of publisher revenue, compared to 41.9% of traffic. Both were down rather substantially from Q3 though, as Android became more prominent. That is, Android’s 30% share of publisher revenue in Q4 was almost double Q3’s share (16.8%). iOS device share of revenues dropped from 58.4% to 51%, mostly due to a big drop in iPad’s share of revenues (from 17.2% to 10.5%).

Looking at performance among site categories, the study shows that Business, Finance & Investing properties were the top performers in terms of revenue per impression (as they were in Q3 and Q2). Music, Video, and Media properties accounted for a leading 24.1% share of all impressions, while the Arts and Entertainment category generated the highest share of revenue (17.2%).

Other Findings:

  • The percentage of ad requests coming from North America dropped from 70% in Q3 to 64% in Q4.
  • By contrast, Russia was a big gainer, moving up to the fourth-largest market for ad requests, up from the seventh position midway through the year.

About the Data: The data is based on aggregated information obtained from the Opera Mobile Ad Platform and Opera Mobile Ad Exchange servers for Q4 2012. The data presented represents traffic and monetization metrics and statistics compiled across multiple advertising campaigns delivered by Opera to its mobile publisher customers. The data includes ads requested from and delivered by Opera on behalf of multiple ad networks as well as directly sold campaigns created by its customers. Country-level details based on IP addresses of the originating ad requests as forwarded to Opera by its mobile publisher/app developer customers. Device details are similarly based on device user agents provided by these same customers.


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