US 2012 Benchmark Ad CTRs: In-Stream Video at 1.11%; Mobile at 0.88%

March 20, 2013

MediaMind-Benchmark-Ad-CTRs-in-2012-Mar2013DG MediaMind has released its latest report benchmarking performance metrics for several online ad types and formats across dozens of countries and verticals. The study finds that in the US, the average click-through rate (CTR) for in-stream video ads was 1.11% in 2012, up from 1.03% in the previous study (covering Q2 2011 – Q1 2012). That topped the benchmark rates for mobile banners (0.88%, inching up from 0.87%), rich media (down slightly from 0.15% to 0.14%), and standard banners (unchanged at 0.1%). The study also finds that 91.4% of in-stream video ad impressions were started (down from 92.75%), 81.1% of those were played half of the way through (down from 82.43%), and 74% were fully played (down from 74.78%).

This latest study also included the video player ad-serving interface definition (VPAID) format, which MediaMind describes as allowing “for fully interactive video” and for “advertisers to capture user-interaction data on their video campaigns.” In keeping with an earlier MediaMind report, the most recent study finds that CTR was higher for in-stream VPAID (1.92%) than in-stream VAST (0.84%). While the video started rate was far lower for VPAID than VAST (44.1% vs. 99.3%), VPAID ads had a higher completion rate (76.9% vs. 73.4%).

In other study results, when breaking down rich media ads into different types, floating ads performed best, with a CTR of 1.03% (down from 1.24% in the prior study). Floating ads also saw a dwell rate of 28.7% and user average dwell time of 2.9 seconds.

Dwell rate is described by the report as the number of impressions that were dwelled upon divided by the total amount of impressions, with dwell defined as an active engagement with an ad ”“ including positioning the mouse over an ad, user-initiation of video, user-initiation of an expansion, and any other user-initiated Custom Interaction. The study excludes unintentional dwell, lasting less than 1 second. User average dwell time refers to the average duration of a dwell.

Other Findings:

  • On a regional basis, the Middle East and Africa again saw the highest benchmark CTR for in-stream video ads, at 7.48%, ahead of Latin America, at 4.06%.
  • Europe sported the best mobile banner CTR (1.13%) and rich media CTR (0.28%). Although standard banner CTRs were fairly constant across regions, Latin America’s benchmark was highest, at 0.12%.
  • Examining 21 different verticals in the US, the study finds that in terms of rich media ads, retail took the lead with a CTR of 0.25%, ahead of entertainment (0.21%), careers (0.19%) and B2B (0.16%). News and media had the lowest CTR (0.08%), with several verticals (sports, medical, financial, and auto) each at 0.09%.
  • With regards to standard media ads, the careers vertical easily outstripped the competition with a 0.22% CTR, with entertainment (0.15%) the next-highest. The tech/internet vertical fared the worst (0.05%).

About the Data: The DG MediaMind benchmark features analysis of more than 600 billion display ad impressions from 47 countries worldwide dating from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012.


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